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  1. wilson4347


    This site has some great gear if anyone is looking, have a couple of there boxes and blocks and there top quality. Worth a look www.moorlandfalconry.co.uk
  2. wilson4347

    Tail Feathers

    Does anyone have a full tail for a peregrine or large falcon? Or even the odd feather. money waiting thanks
  3. wilson4347


    Good mpg running round local just not brilliant on motorway but still cheap to run.
  4. wilson4347

    Mk4 Hilux Canopy

    As per ad. Im after a canopy for a mk4 hilux doublecab can be fibreglass type or ifor williams cash waiting thanks
  5. wilson4347


    Wanted head shot magpies or shot with steel pellets to be safe to feed to a spar. south yorkshire area Will cover costs thanks luke
  6. wilson4347

    Eagle Equipment

    Moorland falconry do very good quality polypropylene transport boxes, and top quality polyethylene blocks on stainless steel bases/spikes. info@moorlandfalconry.co.uk
  7. wilson4347

    Kestrel Centre Decks

    No probs thanks guys atb luke
  8. wilson4347

    Kestrel Centre Decks

    Does anyone have a spare tail feather for a female european kestrel?
  9. wilson4347

    Hazel Twisty In Progress

    Looks good, like the top!
  10. wilson4347

    Walking Sticks

    Pm me an offer Gafer, it would just be the postage might be an issue to keep it protected atb Luke
  11. wilson4347

    Walking Sticks

    A couple of hazel walking sticks i have knocked up today Antler on the first and the thumbstick has a mahogany top both with buffalo horn spacers
  12. wilson4347

    Tinyloc Transmiter

    What frequency is it?
  13. wilson4347

    Ben Long Zoe Glove

    As title, size large used only a few of times has been treated with ben long leather dressing, Is like new as can be seen in pics. Only single thickness, suitable for most falcons £20 posted
  14. wilson4347

    falconry question needing an answer

    that's all been covered, I wouldn't be silly enough to cage it 11 months out of 12, but use it for personal use mostly, with a little depot work, yet get paid for it
  15. wilson4347

    falconry question needing an answer

    The only issue i could see is that if you cant get out much with the bird through the season up until the three weeks you are needed to fly the bird, the bird will be very unfit, as easy as people say Harris hawks are to train and enter they take a lot of time and hard work too get fit. In my oppinion you need to be out daily to get a harris fit! Other than that sounds like you have a great oppertunity and i hope you enjoy it! atb Luke