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  1. your bitch is a real good stamp mate i maybe interested in the tri coloured dog....credit to yy!!!!
  2. 321charlie

    Two strong wheatonx greyhoung pups

    total madness all this arguing and it could of been done over pm why spoil the lads post .....oh well am off t bed av red enuf!!!! nice looking bitch mate and pups look well reared sooo credit to you for that at least!!!!!
  3. hi guys i am looking for a young dog to do a bit rabbiting with this season all breeds considered nothing too pricey good home working home will be given thanks guys!!!
  4. lovely looking dog mate just like her brother just alot racier.....
  5. 321charlie

    Saluki lurcher coursing bred pups

    if only u were not so far away mate i would have has 1 mate lovely looking pups and sires a cracker!!!
  6. my kind of dog....when u uploading pics mate??
  7. 321charlie

    lurcher free to aGOOD home

    do u still hav your dog mate
  8. 321charlie

    lurcher dog pups (price reduced)

    very nice dogs mate look very well reared....credit to y!!!
  9. 321charlie

    lurcher dog

    price mate???thanxs
  10. 321charlie

    lurcher pup

    mebe mate mate i think my old man knows who u are..... u from kirkbampton??
  11. 321charlie

    lurcher pup

    hi all im after a lurcher pup 6months+ all breeds considered just starting back up after sadly havin to give my old 1s up threw an end to a relationship i was in. nothing to expensive just something for a bit of coursing excellent home will be provided. many thanks
  12. dam very smart good stamp.
  13. 321charlie

    still here free 2 good home

    dogs still here
  14. greyhound bitch and 14 month bedlington greyhound dog done absolute nothing call 4 details no pms 07751900565