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    rabbiting with my two dogs and ferrets, keeping a few hens, and trying to grow a few veg on my allotment.
  1. rusty

    Rabbiting Dogs

    a bit late but a pic of my little bitch
  2. rusty

    Lamping But Weather Against Us

    how you doing yes meg had a good night had her retrieving head on most of the night too, they all did their job, a good night, meg must have been feeling knackered she jumped in back of truck and wouldnt get out to guard the rabbits for her photo lol
  3. rusty

    Lamping But Weather Against Us

    another good trip plenty of work for dogs and good craic with lads that come up and farmer allways happy to see us or more to the point happy to see the rabbits getting culled
  4. can anyone tell me if there is a day in the dales show on over easter up near hawes, cheers
  5. rusty

    Back at the rats.

    looks a cracking day and quality pics again, we,ll have to have a ratting day up swaledale?
  6. rusty

    is my dog too small for lamping

    a bit young to be starting him yet, as a rule of thumb he will be about full height at 10mths old then will start to fill out should be no problem as a lamper though.
  7. rusty

    whippets for rabbits

    hi jacko i,ve a bigger whippet, they,re not a bad little dog for what you want, as been said their skin can tear a bit easy, and a bit prone to getting knocked up, and can be a little headstrong, but they will give you 100% in the field. give me a pm if you wish and we can have a look out if your near my parish. yors Russ.
  8. rusty


    last time i was there the pup had closed down and trying to get permission up there is like finding hens teeth, good scenery etc.
  9. rusty

    Over Crowded? Taken Over? Too Expensive?

    the problem with this country is we do exactly this wingh and moan on forums, down the pub , at work etc instead of putting pen to paper and taking to the streets in protest, going off on a tangent i reported my car being scratched to the police, more out of frustration than anything and told the desk sargent this his reply was no problem he wished more people would report this type of thing as the goverment keep telling us crimes going down when in reality it,s going up but because it,s not reported the figures show it going down,
  10. rusty

    chinese rabbit

    i,ve seen the same as welshdragon up here at a butchers on the local market chinese rabbits £3.99 each, i,ve just done a deal with my local butcher to supply him with rabbits i get, fingers crossed see how it goes.
  11. rusty

    road rage

    two things really get up my nose, t**ts who pull out on me only to turn right at the next junction, and t**ts in mercs and bmw.s trying to cut in front of me when the 3rd lane of the motorway is closed off after they have left it to the last 100yds when signs have been up for about 3 miles telling them about the closure,
  12. rusty

    what are you paying????????

    i wos thinking of going bio when i woz a boy but the my mother told me to stick to girls steady on woods !
  13. rusty

    what are you paying????????

    i,m with you bigredbusa, been on cherry for last few weeks £14 26ltrs but they,ve been dipping like mad lately so gone bio £20 20ltrs.
  14. rusty

    lurchers throat

    i,ve been told by a few vets over the years not to stitch an open wound due to infection getting trapped inside,