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  1. Could you PM me with some pics please? Was it brand new when you bought it?
  2. To the guy who bought it...if you change your mind...let me know please =D
  3. Pop down to Derby, I have a Remington Genesis for you.
  4. Am interested if you happen to come by the Midlands - Derby area. PM - sent. Edit: any reason for the sale of this lovely kit?
  5. Hi Matt/Duncan I'm 25 too from Malaysia, working in Hertfordshire during the week but goes back to Derby every weekend. So if you have anything going on weekdays/ends please let me know. PM you my number =) Best Regards, Joshua
  6. Bump! Any sort of hunting going around in Derby?
  7. Hello there! Any kind souls out there would allow myself to come out on a Saturday to do some shooting please? I will definitely give you some of catch if I get lucky! Many thanks! Joshua
  8. Tried to get a wood pigeon ...no luck

  9. Do I need a rifle?

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