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  1. Hi lee, could I have a female please mate :-)
  2. Hi guys I have a Telemery set for sale! Amazing valve for money!! I'm looking for £250 with free shipping. Its the orange tracker classic and also the Marshall scout!! In great condition comes with Marshall magnet. And transmitter and reciever case! Worth over £500! £250 payment via paypal will despatch same day :-)
  3. Still looking guys even if its just picking someones pigeons up over the summer!!!!
  4. I contacted hi he had no idea what you were on about!
  5. If anyone else can help me with a few more extra days Many Thanks
  6. Would you consider me for next season please??I how far down the A1 are you Regards Andrew Just past Newark mate, yeah no probs. Like I said, not sure it's what you're after exactly, the standard of dog work on our shoot leaves something to be desired! LOL. But the crack is good and you can work your dogs so up to you mate. If you're interested, PM me. Ben. I can see a relationship blossoming here Regards Baw
  7. sorry matey, completely missed your post. Thanks for the kind words!!!
  8. Well I had Millie trained in Shropshire and Isla trained in Essex so they are to far away lol
  9. Would you consider me for next season please?? I how far down the A1 are you Regards Andrew
  10. Thanks for the advice, I'm a tidy lad Well I was wanting advice about how to get in contact with people at shoots to see if they need my help, it seems going to shooting clubs and clay grounds that's how you meet people, they is a clay ground about 10miles from me. So I will go there and have a few clays, while having a chat
  11. Haha its the only term I can think of for what i mean!
  12. No mate, decided not to. i just want someone to help me . It was getting me down that know one would help me but then thought of this forum! Best bet is going down the local clay club. What made you change your mind on the Cockers? Well I decided I wanted to make a real go of it and especially after keeping the Springer Spaniel I just want to try and get it to trialling standard so would really like someone to take me under their wing, I was never decided 100%, I just want to get into the sport even heavier!
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