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  1. Don't do it....been there done it...end up spending a fortune...before you know it you've spent 200 hundred....chambers may have to send the barrel to your local RFD ....unless you "send" one in for "repair"... Seriously though once you've fitted a modded breech,barrel,updated gas valve,adjustable hammer,trigger...compressed air conversion ..etc etc... You'll still only have a modified ratty standing you at £££,s with a crap barrel and fires all over the place with a really steep power curve(co2)... I did all the above....then sold it lost a fortune and bought a cracking Airarms s200 multi shot for £200 notes...which is just as accurate (IMHO) as any rifle out there... Just a thought.... But then again it was fun doing it......:-)
  2. Sold.....sold....sold....
  3. http://m.gunstar.co.uk/air-arms-pro-sport-177-air-rifles-for-sale-in-east-yorkshire/Air-Guns/677079 It's on my doorstep.....better sell soon....or I'm selling the kids....
  4. East Yorkshire...10mls from sunny HULL....
  5. Sorry novice....the clock struck 12.....Roughcoat pm sent...
  6. HW45 .177 good condition, few little marks here and there but nothing major,cocks and shoots spot on. Pre tru-glo sight model (better IMHO ) was chrono'd when purchased running at 4-5lbft pellet dependant,consistent. Quite rare model. These are currently RRP£279... SELLING for £120....all in for quick sale...Will not go any lower so please don't ask...:-) Prefer bank transfer can do PayPal if must. Prefer collection but can post signed for. Pics via email on request. Ian. The best spring powered pistol on the market. Very powerful for an air pistol (far more than its competitors), producing 5ft lbs plus, which gives it the punch for long range shooting and even close range small vermin control - one of the few pistols we recommend to be used for this purpose but only if you are a competent shot at ranges under 5 metres and if you cannot use a more suitable rifle. Over-lever cocking design like a Webley but disguised to look similar to a Colt 45 auto firearm. 2-stage adjustable trigger Ambidextrous safety catch 7inch rifled barrel Adjustable sights and dovetail grooves to allow fitting of a pistol scope, red dot or laser. Chequered walnut grips Has a dual-cocking feature which allows you to shoot at full or half power. This pistol really is A-Class, a must-buy for any air pistol enthusiast. Weight 1.1kg 2.42lbs Overall Length 28cm 11inches Barrel Length 17cm 6.6inches Power 5 ft lbs Forgot to mention UK only please not willing post elsewhere.....
  7. Roughcoat has 2nd refusal,novice pm sent... Thanks guys.
  8. I have weihrauch HW77/97 .22 V-Mach spring and chambers ultra tophat and spring guide(sized for the early 25mm piston hw77) going spare, only used to try then sold the rifle after putting back to standard, Will chuck in a standard spring and guide as well.... Complete with v-Mach tuning washers and lubed ready to fit. Cut and paste from vmach site below and link to chambers. So over £50 worth plus post... SELLING FOR £23 all in.... V-Mach F1 Mainspring 12ft lbs Power For WEIHRAUCH Rifles F1 Mainspring for Weihrauch HW77/97K .22 cal This fits any age/bore size of HW77 & HW97. OUT OF STOCK. £24.95 https://www.gunspares.co.uk/products/24221/Weihrauch-HW77-Early-Serial-No-Below-1301036/
  9. Fancy a trade for a HW45 spring pistol .177 and cash your way....? Fancy a go with one off these..worth a try... At.
  10. Nice gun for the right price for some lucky fellow...looks like a theoben vortex moderator with vortex tip...will add a bit of weight to the barrel this will make even better shooting from the classic hw80...if I had the cash I'd be buying this..not far away either...
  11. As above,used or new. Must be intact and working... Thanks.
  12. As above must be a WAVE... Interested in new or used.. As long as its intact and works...price dependant. Thanks.
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