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  1. Good luck with that. It's all about give and take.
  2. I echo what your saying lads. You have hit the nail on the head 'disheartened' is exactly how I feel. I feel I'm doing everything right but not catching a break. I'm sensible, smart, polite. Knocked on countless farms, sent over 30 letters out.. Even stopped and spoke to farmers harvesting in the fields. However just get the same response that they all ready have people that shoot it.... Well and truely disheartened!
  3. That's an absolute cracking offer for someone. Wish I was local!!
  4. Apologies for the delay, been snowed under at work. Where abouts in Bucks are you? It is abit of a jaunt but I'm in the same position as a lot of other people.. Struggling for permissions. Every farmer seems to have people already shooting for them. I've stopped and asked if I've seen farmers bailing up etc, knocked countless doors, Evan mail shot 30+ farms round me. And all the while the same response - they already have people that shoot the land. I'm polite, dress smart, professional! Ha ha I just can't physically do anymore than I doing.. Rant over.. Thank you for the kind offer Duncan.
  5. Not so bad lad, have sent you a pm about NPPC. Cheers.
  6. I have been door knocking. That's where the beating came from. Had a couple of days at the end of last season and the shoot owner invited me back this year. Cheers for the response though mate. Honest answer.
  7. Hello people. New to the site so be kind and hope this is in the right place! I'm Matt, 25. Started clay shooting last year however just doesn't give you the same feeling as game or rough shooting. I'm not from a shooting background so it's a difficult sport to break into! I've managed to get a spot for this season beating on a local shoot which I'm looking forward to. I'm not asking for any permissions because I know from experience how hard they are to come by. Just a bit of help along the way.. Put me in touch with any possible land owners, tagging along for the odd day on vermin here or there. Etc. Obviously have Shot gun Cert and Basc insurance. Any help greatly appreciated. Matt.
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