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  1. is this the same dog in the other post all rounder? How tall is he? Yes it is mate! And he's 13 1/2 to shoulder.... Allrounder
  2. I had the dam mate she was a small rough coated thing she was stolen last year I'll try find a picture of her for you
  3. . Just a shot of my Russell lads!
  4. Very nice Types lads . Thankyou mate
  5. Nice looking dogs pipa!? and I bread him myself mate this should be his season since I've held him back...time will tell
  6. Thanks lads and yes he works above ground spot on and has bolted a few Charlie's below ground... Next season should be a good test for him!
  7. Just a few photos of my Russell lads wondered if yous had any will similar markings thanks all rounder
  8. 07597098854 my number mate if you interested
  9. Need some spends for my holiday so selling my gun it's in excellent condition I've had it out twice probs put. 30 slugs through it and lad before me hardly had it out. I'm in Teesside area £450
  10. Ther 5/8 3/8 mate and they were gone before they were born I got a russle off the same guy and is just over a year old and looking very promising and he speaks very highly of his Wheatons
  11. Exellent mate im jelouse as f**k here, Icant wait for abit of harsh weather to send afew to ground for me
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