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  1. Wow what a stunner what bitch was that to buddy to what and what was its style
  2. Your right that bit of aggression goes a long way and adding the pure makes them go a long way to What type is he throwing to buddy bitches feathered or smooth big or small ?
  3. Nero seems to go well over buddy bred stuff from what I've seen arcticgun, how old is he now and where does his pedigree originate from
  4. My bitch has them she is 14 and was spayed a month ago for the fear of pyometra she now has large hard cancerous lumps that will not go but she is to old to operate on as they would remove the mammary tissue in two ops, in my bitch it got worse with each season and she had an infection resulting in nearly loosing her, you will need to spay her midway between seasons as this is when her hormones will be at a flat level, if it reoccurs I would look to spay her or have your litter then spay. One thing I do know is it doesn't get better with time each time my butch came in it got worse. Good luck with the bitch ! Atb goose
  5. Thanks Jamie m for the two hobs, two lovely ferrets ! Hope you enjoy the venison !
  6. If anyone has any ferrets from good working stock in the north kent area that need a new home i will happily take them on, older ferrets, kitts, jill, hobs, not important but workers or out of workers a must , they will be worked and looked after well, I have just landed 30,000 acres of permission and am ferretless ! apart from a vegitarian jill ! pm please if anyone has anything. Thanks Goose
  7. Does anyone have a photo of Sykes Sam
  8. thanks mate hes a cracker
  9. does anyone have a photo of Stig out of benji x fizz please
  10. had a fox coming in the other night and the owl swooped to take the few a few times never seen it before
  11. We had an abundance earlier in the year and dry weather for ages then periodic rain meaning warm and wet conditions i think this has caused a lot more mixy than normal
  12. we have been ferreting from august onward and so far have accounted for loads of rabbit but mixy has killed a lot and the affected rabbits wont bolt we are in north Kent just wondered if anyone else is suffering and where abouts you are
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