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  1. didnt know what section to put this in.its maybe already on here? http://www.ayradvertiser.com/news/ayr/articles/2011/08/09/415956-family-appeal-for-missing-father/
  2. ivanh

    plectrum, tailmount

    where's the best place to buy a plectrum tail mount.
  3. ivanh


    Sent away my renewal two weeks ago for my sg and fa. Got a letter yesterday saying no photos. They were definitely in the envelope. And i sellotaped the envelope shut. So had to going get another 8 photos today what a pain in the ass.
  4. ivanh


    kits at a week old
  5. ivanh

    anybody make ferret boxes

    moxy on here made me this one can carry your nets in it to
  6. ivanh

    double ferret box wanted

    try moxy he makes a good box at a good price
  7. ivanh

    vic granger framed print

    print no 394/500
  8. ivanh

    vic granger framed print

  9. ivanh

    vic granger framed print

    open to offers p&p £10
  10. ivanh


    the lad who gave me her said he didnt know how old she was.she looks like a young jill.so not exactly sure of her age
  11. ivanh


    my ferret had her young last night.she had 14.2 of them died.i thought this was a big litter? so they should be ready to go in about 6 weeks.free if anyone is interested.
  12. ivanh


    just asking if anyone uses crossman premier pellets.if so what are your thoughts on them
  13. crossman premier pellets.