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    n east and if im not ere im running my dogs
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    all hunting esp coursing. had lurchers for nearly 35yrs been running hares for nearly 20yrs down the fens.<br />

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  1. its like a drive in macdonalds for them
  2. You need to pay me mate............ sent you pm
  3. shaun v


    like those nosey cows at weekend ?????? poor chickens. You was enjoying it when they was licking you while you was bent over, Im sure i saw you wiggle with excitement . now seriously im sure the lady was a vet , thought i heard it mentioned on this mornings local news
  4. he dosent get to see many decent dogs run with the guys he hangs out with so i'm taken pitty on him
  5. i told you that was best spot to put a wire
  6. i knew you was into man luv i aint sure about having a sleep over now in caravan cols my hero . next time you make a dvd make sure you use fly spray
  7. sorry for delay been busy . i will if you dont send me naked pics tommy, pm me
  8. thanks for a great few days ian, ryan didnt want to go to school this morning we picked up alot of tips from watching, just hope we can get woodga down and i can watch you both and gain some more great info on the art of wires. i told him i will be stalking him and i will be on his shoulder like long john silvers parrot i didnt realise how grey i am
  9. the one trick pony will pay ian tomorrow ldv lol
  10. alot of jealous people :clapping: ldv if some one was willing to pay for me to enter i would jump at chance even if it was as standby, i would even put land up
  11. put yeah name up instead hiding
  12. blue cloud lol you another macum muppet ??????????/
  13. bishop auckland prob the best dog producing area in country you his bum chum or jo ????
  14. rrrrrrrrrrr Shaun's dummy is out and he wont put it back in how many of your well bred coursing dogs have you bought and sold this last season in your bible (the yellow add trader) dont buy or sell dogs, but if you can find anything on this or any hunting site that ive sold please show me, now please get back to some imput into subject if you have any vickers you are a grade one wanker and if anyone has his address please put it up just have to ask for it mate
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