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  1. hi guys iam looking for some nice trophies for the man cave, would love some roe mounts and medals to hang if anybody has anything for sale, also looking for a nice set of red and fallow antlers on skull to mount also. and i tend to go threw amounts of loose shed red antlers for various projects so i would rather pass the money on to you guys rather than the middle man, at the moment iam paying £22.50 per kg delivered. if anybody has anything pm me with pics and prices please..
  2. hatsan escort magnum - smart valve system 24" barrel comes with box and all the extras that came with it from new.. had about 200 shells threw it but i cant get used to it so back to yht O/U F2F COLLECTION FROM SHEFFIELD S13 JUST OFF M1 JCT 33 SHEFFIELD PARKWAY £250 NO OFFERS
  3. ive got a 8ft mk1 with collar and loads of spare batteries £60 collected or £65 posted.. ? let me know asap cos its going on the forum in a few mins
  4. hi i am starting a new job soon and will be working away monday to fridays so my little freinds have to go, there is one adult hob and 2 adult jils along with this years kits 4 hobs 1 jill. the kits and jills live in a double up and down type hutch and the male in a single hutch on his own at the moment. they are workes and the kits are nearly 8 weeks now.. i would idealy like them to go all in one go but unless anybody wants kits seperate but the hutches wont go till all the animals are re homed iam in sheffield 10 mins from jct 30/31 if you take them all i have a sack of dry food l
  5. no probs if it dont go give me a shout and i will pop over cos i aint far away only 10 mins fro jct 30 on m1
  6. is this a single trigger and if fixed choke what are they, if paulus dont take it i will. cheers mate
  7. i use this mate works a treat and does more than just worms... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/140743097707?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649
  8. best ive found is the wart remover that freezes off in seconds.
  9. whats the differnce between eu and a normal pole cat.. ? iam new to ferrets
  10. if you still got them i will take them please... pm me your paypal addy and i will sort it for you..
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