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  1. I've done it twice now with my .22 rimfire Sako. Cheers
  2. FOR FOXES hope you are not refering to a .22 rimfire .22 Rimfire is fine for foxes out to about 70 yards if headshot, I have taken plenty this way.... If I was you I would try .22 Subs on a silenced rifle & try getting them into about 50 yards & headshots only. This will keep the noise disturbance to a minimum & if your foxes havent been shot at before getting them in close shouldnt be too dificult as they will be well used to human disturbance on the golf course. Cheers Nessie
  3. It will depend on what location in NI you live but it could well be up to 6 months, especially considering you are applying for a .22 RF. Any time my FAC has been away it has taken 4-6 months. Even for a shotgun variation it took 6 months & when it came back they didnt even have it marked on my permit. I rang Firearms Branch straght away to ask what to hell had happened to my new Beretta & they informed me that it was an admin error & that I should post back my FAC & it would be fast-tracked, this took 2 MORE MONTHS :-( So 8 months for a O/U shotgun!!! ....Also one of my fr
  4. Could be up to 6 months, they are very slow. Cheers Nessie
  5. I have a two year old jill ferret, she worked very well last year & when I went over to get her back she would sometimes jump into her carry box & other times she would come to a dead rabbit & then I would just lift her. This season she has been out about three times, she still hunts good & is bolting plenty of rabbits but getting her back is becoming a nightmare & it is getting worse, now she is not even interested in a dead rabbit most of the time & just jukes down the hole. She is flesh fed & also well handled & would never bite, but its getting to a poin
  6. Im pretty sure that you can demand a refund or a replacement. They have sold you faulty goods, it would be up to them to send it to Deben. But this shouldnt affect you as they should either offer you a full refund which includes P&P costs or a free replacement....Also dont hold your breath on Deben fixing it, their customer service department is appalling & they will probably try to charge you a fortune for fixing it & then it probably still wont work. Contact your local citizens advice bureau. Cheers Nessie
  7. It might not be much of a problem this time of year but if you dont cure them properly like you are saying then the blowflies will lay eggs on the skins & the maggots will make it useless. This happened to me before, even though I scraped it clean. I think some sort of curing would be a better idea & would mean the skin could be used for longer. Cheers Nessie
  8. Mine love it every so often Read your PM mate, I sent u a message a while ago regarding your BEW's
  9. Hi, Can anyone help me in finding the cheapest place to buy a Mk3M collar? They seem to be all around £60+P&P but I am wondering if any of the members know of somewhere cheaper to purchase them. Cheers Nessie
  10. I dont think £3 is expensive for a 4" net made from spun poly with peg included, how much do you charge??? As regards to the sliders they seem to purse better for me anyway as I had more ecscape from my old nets with rings, both are fine though, I would use either, id say rings are more common as they are readily available. Anyway longnetter im glad your sales pitch worked but no need to slag off nets just because you didnt make them, lol
  11. Mate, you wont have to look any further than Mick Dadd, I will PM you his number, what he doesnt know about nets isnt worth knowing, I bought twenty 4" purse nets made out of spun poly from Mick, they came with pegs and had a slider at one end to help them purse better. I also bought ten 5" poke nets again made out of spun poly, these have sliders at both ends. The purse nets were £3 each and the poke nets were £4.50. These are great value & will last a lifetime. Cheers Nessie
  12. I agree with you 100% there mate. I have one of the Mk3M and last year it would work good sometimes then it would mess about at other times. Sent it back to crappy Deben 3 times for them to tell me it had been tested & was ok. Funny enough its working ok at the minute but thats not to say it wont start messing about again.
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