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  1. Well done mate and theres something that feels good about getting out on your own ferreting specialy as its her first time out, sounds like she might be a cracker.
  2. Sorry fella this needs to sell as giving up shooting and concentrating on ferreting
  3. Air Arms Tx200hc .22 tuned with V-mach internals. Extremely consistant and a dream to shoot with these internals! Tuned trigger so lovely and smooth to shoot. Its favourite pellets are Falcon Accuracy and the trajectory on these is superb just tips better than a .20 heavy pellet Superb bit of kit including gun Richter optik scope mildot ret, case, pellets, sling, mounts. Couple of minor marks on stock and a tiny mark below the scope rail. £300 plus post at buyers risk.
  4. It will vary on the actual hob, i have had three hobs together with only minimal squabbling and also two hobs that are the most placid little sods ever. But the hob i use most for ferreting can not be housed with any other ferret at all or he will not leave them alone! Brilliant to handle and whilst out hunting he will leave a hole and run back to me and follow me around but the bugger can not get on with any other ferret. Its trial and error :-)
  5. Surely someone fancies a quality tuned springer..
  6. Out up the fields again this morning with the big hob and the longnet for an hour and a half, netted up a warren on a tree line with some cover in between. He managed to bolt 3 before we left ;-)
  7. After getting a little bored today on my day off I decided to go to my local permission, being a five minute walk away I grabbed the quickset longnet a few purse nets and my big hob. Set off to a large mound and netted up all around it and threw down a few 4 foot purse nets and down went the hob. Wasnt long before the first couple bolted and into the purse nets, followed by another into the longnet. Not much else for around 15 minutes until this almighty squeel came from one of the holes with the purse nets covering it! All of a sudden out shot a stoat that ran down the mound stopped looked an
  8. We used this method all through the summer and it works well, but make it alot easier and do it whilst there still warm. We use it whilst ferreting, dispatch them and gut them this way and its a peice of p!ss!
  9. have just noticed a tiny mark on the action and a couple of small indents on the stock. Kind Regards
  10. Tx200hc tuned with V-mach internals and tuned trigger. This a superbly accurate, smooth and consistant gun. In superb condition. It shoots Falcon Accuracy pellets brilliantly and with a better trajectory than most .20 pellets. Comes complete with richter optics scope which is mil dot and crystal clear! Sling and pellets. £350
  11. Thanks you for that mate, some people dont as i stated ive had pm's before and they have come and got them ;-) so not all have the land to do so.
  12. If anyone is in the Herts area who wants some wild rabbit caught today I have 10 here £1.50 each. Ive had people ask me before on here so rather than pm individuals ive put it on here. Kind Regards
  13. I used a 1 inch make shift board mate, net done its job the other evening and had two rats so well chuffed ;-)
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