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  1. Burwell, Cambs. Postcode is CB25.
  2. I paid £150 for the gun. Would like to get that TBH. Attached images are from the original advert. Cheers, Rob.
  3. Dunno, let me check what I paid for it. I know it was cheap and I'm not looking to profit of the deal.
  4. Have a hatsan escort 12g that I bought from this forum to see if a semi auto would suit me. Turns out I prefer the O/U so it is now surplus to requirements. It's a pretty decent gun but the woodwork could do with a tidy, I'm looking to take my kids plinking so would like to trade with someone for an air rifle. Anything considered. Obviously SGC holders only and would prefer a f2f. Cheers, Rob
  5. There is a nitromors craftsman that is supposed to be good for delicate work like this. Haven't used it myself but it may be worth checking it out.
  6. Thanks both of you. I'm onto the sheath now, I have some 3.5mm veg tan I have used for my last sheath but struggled with the stitching last time due to the thickness. If I went for 2.5mm would that be thick enough? Cheers, Rob.
  7. Thanks both of you, I will probably go back and refinish the handle at some point but still to make my mind up on that.
  8. Well here is the knife finished still need to make the sheath but that's not going to get done before years end. may go back and rework the handle at some point in the future but I'm quite happy with the outcome overall. Blade sharpened nicely and looks like it will be a very useable knife
  9. Cheers mate, more CA and brass powder added this afternoon, so I'll get back to sanding again tomorrow. Does anyone have any hints on what finish to use?
  10. Well, a bit more progress today. Here is the knife after having the CA glue and brass powder added Which reminds me of the black adder sketch where lord Percy makes the "purest green" But once sanded back it looks like this Some of the occlusions are going to need a bit more filling but you get the idea. Still lots of work to be done but I'm hoping this will all go well. Just not sure wether to varnish, oil or wax it after I have it sanded to where I want it. Any suggestions? Cheers, Rob.
  11. I'll have that off you if it's still available fella? I'm in Burwell so shouldn't be too far away. Cheers, Rob
  12. Really nice Steve, talk about setting the bar high. Guess I'd better get on with it
  13. Well here is the scales cut Need to choose how to fill the occlusions, I'm thinking brass powder mixed with an epoxy resin which I can then sand and polish. Not sure how it will work out but gotta give it a go I think. Obviously they look quite dull at the moment, I've just sanded the faces to be fitted to the blade flat, but hopefully they will polish up nicely.
  14. The first part for the scales looks like this Quick question for everyone, when putting scales on in the past I have glued them on and then shaped the scales in place. Downside of this is that I invariably scratch the blade during shaping the handle. Any advice on how to avoid this?
  15. Finally got started on cutting the handle scales. I'm going for some scales cut from a Banksia nut which looks like this And after a long time with a hacksaw (I wanted to get the cut as smooth as possible) I ended up with the first bit
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