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  1. Does anybody know of any duck or goose shooting opportunities in the East Midlands? Thanks
  2. For some reason I can't upload pictures from my iPad, but if your seriously interested I can text them to you. Thanks
  3. For sale challenger gs 1x20 night vision, with scope adapter, in excellent condition. Comes with different size scope rings, two spare batteries ( the one that's in it is also new ). Also included is an infrared laser, I've tested it but have never actually used it shooting so unsure of range on the laser. I would really prefer the buyer to collect so I can prove its condition and that it works as it should. Delivery may be possible recorded but as stated would prefer collection. Looking for £200 + £10 if posted. 07807645009 Thanks
  4. I tried nitromors on an old air rifle stock and was pleased with the results, but as I was told earlier on in this thread you do have to keep the nitromors wet, but it works!
  5. put a pic up mate im sure then you will be answered to what the wood is This is the picture that was used when it was for sale, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. I have been trying to find what type of wood it is but with no luck, it's a E.Rizzini sporter, o/u side plate model if anybody knows? Would acetone work of would it be too aggressive?
  7. IT MAY TARNISH THE WOOD AND BLEACH IT A DIFFERENT COLOUR Oh really? The last thing I want is to ruine it! How else could I get into the engraved areas?
  8. Ok I'll try that with the nitromors as well then. I'm looking forward to starting this now, can't wait.
  9. Thanks guys, what's best to apply the tru oil to the wood? Also how do I remove the lacquer from the engraved area on the grip and fore end as surely I wouldn't want to flatten that area?
  10. Hi, I very recently purchased a gun off another member on here, it's a lovely little gun that I got at a bargain price. I originally bought it as it was cheap just to fix up and put in he cabinet as a spare, but after handling it I actually quite like it more than I thought I would, and I'm actually considering using this as my main gun for shoot days. It's not in bad condition at all, but if I was going to take it on shoot days I would like to tidy it up. The stock and fore end are in very good condition with no dents or scratches but the finish has faded, I've read that it is better to use a solvent to remove the rest of the original finish. Does any body know what product is best to use on this? And also what is best to refinish the wood work? I really would like to get this gun as nice as possible, but by doing it myself as a hobby. Any advice on this would be much appreciated, thanks
  11. I collected this today, good seller, thank you.
  12. Yeah that's true I suppose, if the its good enough for the geese :-D
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