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  1. View Advert 2 for 1 shotguns, try agian I'm getting the hang of this now. 2 Baikal Shotguns, one OU one Single Hammer. Both good working guns. Buy both for this price. Advertiser halamrose Date 20/02/20 Price £150.00 Category Shotguns  
  2. 2 shotguns View Advert Baikal 12 Guage Over Under and single. Good useable guns. Advertiser halamrose Date 20/02/20 Price £150.00 Category Shotguns  
  3. View Advert 2 shotguns Baikal 12 Guage Over Under and single. Good useable guns. Advertiser halamrose Date 20/02/20 Price £150.00 Category Shotguns  
  4. Thanks Steve, In that case, yes it is still for sale.
  5. I bought this used some years ago but I have an open ticket on my rimfires now so no longer needed. It shoots real well with the 15 odd grain Air arms pellets, I zero at 45 yds to aim square on to 50yds on rabbit heads. It had been services when I bought it and the test report is in one of the photos. I get about 35 shots of a fill. It's not quite in excellent condition but not bad at all and a good price at £350, I'll include the fill hose but the scope would be extra. It came with a mod which made the rifle too long and spoilt accuracy, it's not needed because the rifle h
  6. Cz 452 Varmint in 22LR 16inch barrel in nice, little used condition with crisp trigger. Price includes JSR 4-12 scope, SMK moderator and 50 subsonic hollowpoint rounds if you have licence for expanding. Target shows 3 shots with Ely hollowpoint subs at 50 yds £290
  7. How about my AA S410 Extra 34 Ftlb £350 Cambridge? PM Me H
  8. More detail please, photos even?
  9. Yep, they come back again but thin pickings till spring I find.
  10. I've enjoyed not having sold this over the summer but need the space now, possibly swap .243 but I don't have my variation yet.
  11. I've had this twice. Once I fired a second round, long story, learnt my lesson, no damage to gun (CZ). The first round I drove out forward, I think a cleaning rod is too bendy and baught a steel rod from B&Q for the job. All I needed to do was tap it with the end of a screwdriver, I was surprised how easy it was. 2nd round was not even properly in the barrel, that on I pushed backwards into the chamber. The rifle still shoots better than I can. If you don't have a rod, how do yo clean your HMR? That could start a lively discussion! I like the HMR.
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