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  1. thanks m, kinda makes sense now. my wife is due to start work next week so first £100 and genuine home can have him. someone gotta be looking for a good dog to bring on this season. atb jay
  2. i dont get the lurcher lass mate ??????????? still dont get the lurcher lass comment, wots that all about? anyone?
  3. stunning paintings mate, absolute crackers. atb with the sale
  4. i would put something like a 1/4 bull 1/4 saluki 1/2 grey mate, it adds an extra dash of stamina into the mix and keeps the proportion of bull. your bitch looks a cracker by the way mate. atb
  5. i dont get the lurcher lass mate ???????????
  6. nice looking dogs there mate, atb jay
  7. lovely looking ground mate, atb jay
  8. cracking looking pups mate atb with the sale
  9. nice looking dog mate, will be reducing the bunny population this season by the look of it, atb jay
  10. he had a dissagreement with his missus and went on the lash frost, he sent me a pm earlier but was givin the mackrell a go today so didnt recieve it till tonight and he not been logged in, atb jay
  11. so did i frost, it a good dog for not alot of money. someones gotta be looking for a decent dog to bring on. cheers. jay
  12. terrified my fu*king arse, i know what your insinuating! you didnt say that when you thought i was in wales and you wanted the dog did you? trust me if my missus was standing in front of your dog pointing a phone in its face yours would be wondering what was going on too, so keep your smart suggestive comments to yourself thanks! ! ! ! ! what has wales got to do with anything :blink: i live in lanarkshire :blink: was born in wales though not been for a while. no need for you to talk to me like that, it was just a coment why get so touchy about it. your the one in the wrong pal
  13. right then, dog still for sale. give me a shout if your interested if not an you only got some daft negative comment cause your havin a bad day or your misses givin you grief just keep it to yourself instead of trying to offend other people to make you feel better. cheers jay
  14. posts edited, am not playing children !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. you think so mate i reacon it would be a handy dog cheers LM, theres always some childish fu*ker on here.
  16. posts edited am not playing children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. nice looking pup mate. if you keep bumping the ad the mods will lock it. atb jay will they mate a better fuk it up then lol cheers LM yeah they locked my ad for bumpin it mate, atb with the sale. jay
  18. nice looking pup mate. if you keep bumping the ad the mods will lock it. atb jay
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