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  1. if its not locked away securely it could robbed,do what it takes to keep your animals safe and have piece of mind
  2. preban is a safe word is that safe enough to say
  3. probably some senseless pricks taking them for dog baiting,anything is possible these days
  4. i think the young and inexperienced hunter would favour lamping hares more, but would say the older more experienced hunter has more respect for this gracious creature,but be it day or night if its a pest problem on permission it has to be sorted regardless of the time of day,but im an old c**t what do i know
  5. if the sire/dam have poor heads why did you look at the pups anyway
  6. well he be a collie grey x beddie whippet thanks for your replies alb martyn
  7. happened to my mates lamp will be a fused wire trust me im a thick cnut
  8. Me obviously because my lamp isn't working you thick Cnut .......... well just buy i new one
  9. who really gives a f**k
  10. ita a harmless thread if you dont like it dont post
  11. why comment if you dont give a f**k bellend
  12. the neighbours banging away,doing ma f****n head in
  13. its 11 week old so no russell in there redneck
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