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  1. Any advice on pro and con's ammo for a 22-250? Advice much appreciated?
  2. ' ripping foxes in half '. Anyone that shoot foxes. Will Know What I mean! Any good rounds to use or bad ones to Stay clear of?
  3. Hi just put in for my variation for a 22-250 to shoot foxes. I'm looking to see what bullets people recommend for foxing , what bullets rip foxes in half on impact???? Thanks. Arab Youlden
  4. Hounds were drawing through brambles which were about 500 yards from Earth. Terrier bolted It towards and soon after terrier followed the same line and hounds came towards the earth and chopped the terrier !
  5. Ajaxinvincable : I used winchester super x and jammed in my browning T bolt nearly Every shot. Now I use CCI SUBSONIC HP and go Through perfect , awesome grouping at yards
  6. It's not 1 for 1. Im adding a gun. I've got 22 rimmy. Just want a 223 for foxes coz farmer asked to control them. Dont want To Go Plinking away at em With the rimmy
  7. Ive got a btowning T bolt. 16" barrel. Looks smart and is ideal gun
  8. Hi , I'm Putting in a variation for a 223 in the Devon & Cornwall area , anyone know how long the wait is in Devon & Cornwall area? Anything like there policing , it's Going to Be a Bleedy long wait , haha
  9. f**k your poults they got 2 eat somin Haha, gone digging. That's quality. Top lad Well I recon that its a good job done farmers and keepers are happy and that secures my permissions. Take far longer than 2 weeks to get them with dogs terriers or hounds thats for sure. Oh unless you have one of the wonderful 'linebred' dogs we all hear so much about that are actually as rare as rocking horse shite!!!! Hahahhhahahha
  10. f**k your poults they got 2 eat somin Haha, gone digging. That's quality. Top lad
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