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  1. Cheers big brian, still four left if anyones interested
  2. 4 black dogs and 2 red dogs. No bitches Mother and father from good lines, dig to father regularly for the last 2 years, mother kept indoors, im a pest controller in london and essex and mother spends most days out with me on farms and industrial sites chasing rats, never let me down. Ive never let her goto ground but will find any quary in the thickest of cover. Pups have been reared indoors and arounds the kids all day. Will make good little workers or pets. These pups arent docked. There 8 weeks today, flead and wormed. Can drop off locally if needed. Im in chelmsfor
  3. Hello im in chelmsford essex, ive 2 jills found last week, a little nippy but not bad. Still slightly under weight and I would guess there between 1 and 2 years old. Both free to good home.
  4. Sorry mate i was talkin bout lurcher ring! I did get a 3rd in the fell terrier under 12 months tho n yeh i was at the end closest to her! Your probably right on that then yeh
  5. I thought both the judges were pretty good! I got a 2nd and a 3rd n i wernt nearest to her.
  6. Let him do his thing! Some hunt up more than others, dont panic when you feel like hes to far away because he'll think that hes done something wrong when you keep calling him back, then he'll stay further and further away thinkin hes done wrong and end up ignorin you all together. Just relax and will end up doin what you want him to.
  7. i use the doofus trap, you can see the results for yourself that way, the only time ive used phostoxin is as a backup and thats very very rarley
  8. i work all over london and essex, i get 2 or 3 jobs a week where im cleanin up problems that have failed to be solved and made worse by people takin on rodent jobs and not avin a clue what to do, ive seen dogs and livestock poisened. my advice is leave it to the pest controllers or risk harming someone or something!
  9. ive also had a pup off reg.....pic sent to ya the other day of the chocolate bitch, couldnt be happier!
  10. i pulled 2 fox cubs, still black and white out of a rabbit hole in rettendon in essex
  11. all crackin dogs mate especially the bottom one
  12. anyone runnin any deerhound crosses? my 8 month pup is comin on nicely, wouldnt mind seein some pics of any others out there. mines a 1/4 deer 1/4 grey 1/4 whippet 1/4 saluki, ive had a collie cross in the past and that was very intelligent but my new pup is probably as or more intelligent than the collie cross. are deerhounds generally known for their intelligence? or has mi pups brains come from somewhere else??? heres a pic
  13. yeh hes a good'n! a really intelligent pup aswell, a bit clumsy but comin on well. was the only rough coated out of the litter but definatly the best of the lot.
  14. heres my 8 month 1/4 deerhound 1/4 grey 1/4 whippet 1/4 saluki< anyone else got any of the deerhound crosses????
  15. yeh ol bill are gettin shit hot on it all over essex, mainly on the hare coursin n lampin.
  16. ive got a metal detector, brand new, never used, unwanted christmas present. open to anythin hunting related, especially looking for books and paintings (prints) im from essex, cant be bothered with all the postage stuff but will meet anyone around m25
  17. yeh lovely mate! mine aint far off that siz, defintly not as filled out as yours, but yeh mate lovely lookin dog, how old isit now? what dya do with it????
  18. dya reckon mines gota bit of bull in it? im not to bothered like i said, he definatly got lots of drive in him so hopefully he'll do his job right. the only trouble is i keep all mi dogs in doors, he was kenneld so obviously its been a bit of a pain gettin him to shit outside but hes gettin there! does anyone else keep their dogs inside? ive heard people sayin that it takes the drive out of em but ive never ad any probs
  19. lovely lookin dog pal how old was it there?? bet its a good little busher
  20. yeh mate definatly good size for the rabbits, ive got a 3/4 whippet 1/4 jrt and hes on 16 tts but hes pretty good aint got much stamina but f**k me he flys! lol
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