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  1. Jamie93

    Killing Issue

    ^ Always one bellend! It's very easy to lose rabbits in overgrown marshland.
  2. Jamie93

    Killing Issue

    Cheers lads, some good suggestions here. Will let you know how I get on over next few weeks!
  3. Jamie93

    Killing Issue

    Cheers lads. She killed a couple last night then left them on the ground so I walked up to them and told her to get on and she wasn't interested at all.
  4. Jamie93

    Killing Issue

    I was running single handed then one night my mates dog slipped her collar that's when issues started but always single handed other then that 1 occasion
  5. Jamie93

    Killing Issue

    In me of some urgent help. Got an 18 month BullGreyCollieGrey bitch Was perfect at retrieving when I first got her then she got in the habit of eating them once caught. After shouting at her for doing this she now catches then drops them to return. Resulting in a field full of lost game. Any advice? Thanks
  6. Jamie93

    A Decade Of Darcy & Running Dog Maintenance

    How much for penny Taylor book?
  7. Jamie93


  8. Jamie93


    Can anyone recommend a decent set of bins without breaking the bank balance? Thanks
  9. Jamie93

    A Decade Of Darcy & Running Dog Maintenance

    Take £35 posted?
  10. Jamie93

    Kits Or Adult Hobs

    I got a working Jill in Kent
  11. What height are parents mate?
  12. Jamie93

    4 Months Old Now Growing Fast

    How tall mate?
  13. I've got a BullGrey x CollieWhipp who's currently 5 months old. He's currently stood at 17" TTS Without knowing the parents height what would you guess he will make?
  14. Jamie93

    Books For Sale!!!!

    Have you got running dog maintenance by penny Taylor?
  15. Jamie93

    Another Mule Cage Done

    Nice work mate. What's the price on these?