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  1. Hi Dixy I have a Daystate .25 Wolverine HP set at 49ft/fb with jsb25g pellets , comes with Daystate fac mod and factory fitted studs. THe rifle is in first class condition and will be for sale in the next few weeks. Cheers Stevie
  2. the amount of stuff you get in that I'm callin you dr who stevie lol. Aye billy and I can still fit in a curtain rail, garden hoe and a fishing rod butt..lol
  3. I got a Jimny about 4 months ago cracking wee motor just wish I had got one years ago. With the back seats out there is plenty of space for all the decoying gear. Get yerself onto BigJimny Forum they will keep you right
  4. With your buget i would buy a used ace 250 this is not a toy it's the best entry level detector out there and it will find you plenty of stuffl. Also i would join one of the metal detecting forum's Detecting Wale's would be a good starting point for you, and most have a forsale section. atb stevie
  5. Tatsblisters I'm all sorted now thank's
  6. Yeah YouTube is a good source of information
  7. Thank's for the link Sam.
  8. Thinking of giving taxidermy a go ....so has anybody got any book's/dvd's on the subject they want to sell. atb wm
  9. Had a enjoyable day out with Billy on sat, Will give you a call midweek about another go at the doo's billy. atb stevie
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