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  1. 54 minutes ago, THE STIFFMEISTER said:


    I don’t know f**k all about your dogs Jacob at all ,and they look in good condition 

     but I can’t be dealing with all this recent phenomenon Of thinking cause a lurcher gets a pic in a mountain range it’s somehow something special . 

    Yeah , it’s scenic , a lovely landscape framing a running dog profile , but in reality , it’s a lot of effort for small wins . 

    Just my opinion 

    Personally I think if you purchase a pup of a picture of the parents standing in a nice setting without finding out the details you are an arsehole anyway. 

    I don't know Jacob but the parents are superbly bred and after hearing what hes asking for the pups i don't think hes embarking on a high profile advertising campaign with a picture of a snow covered mountain ...far better than seeing dogs on a chain or on old carpet. 😏

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  2. It's a total myth that if every lad who drives the fields, poaches, courses hare etc all dropped out of the game today that everyone else would be left alone and treated with some kind of love and affection. 

    The PC brigade, the BBC and other media have brainwashed the public into believing that the lurcher is now on a par with walking around with a knife or screwdriver.... You are seen as going to commit a rural crime, as I once found out when receiving a letter saying, a member of the public was concerned a rural crime was about to happen, from my local police.... I was on a public footpath with the girlfriend at the time with no intention of doing anything.!! 

    I am not defending, damage, theft etc but sadly we are now seen as a criminal, up to no good, doing something that should be consigned to the history books, regardless of permission or not, the Hunting Act was the worst thing ever for us, wildlife, landowners, police etc. 

    If I go to my local greyhound track I have to face protesters on the gate, if I walk a lurcher in the countryside you get looked at like a paedophile hanging around the school gate, it's what it is nowadays lads and won't get any better. 

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  3. Why do police forces always mount poaching operations out of season? They had one near me on hare coursing in June once, quite frankly I am happy to have a rural crime team who doesn't know the hunting seasons 😂😂

    With the alleged shortage of police funding how do they justify 66 new vehicles and man hours spent parked up in the woods? 

    What with council amenities, rubbish tips, schools closed etc at the moment I reckon the council tax payers of Gloucestershire are getting a bad deal for their money at the moment. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Shadow100 said:

    No difference at all, if a person breeds pet dogs and does it right there’s absolutely no problem. If the bitches get looked after & don’t get the arse bred off them. Bitches get a good life, pups get well reared, nice families get a nice puppy, and the breeder makes a few quid out of it that the government don’t get their greedy claws in to in the form of taxes. Everyone wins. 

    The problems start when people cross over & try to make money out of working dogs, this usually involves telling lies about the parents working ability. People buy them and get stung with shit stock, idiots lie again and breed again. The cycle continues until the working gene pool is full of shit. 

    You’re not ruining anything by breeding cockapoos, they’re just pets, but if you breed lurchers, terriers etc out of shit stock then you are ruining something 

    Spot on pal

  5. My main issue with this is that unless I am very much mistaken they are not anything other than average dogs been put together for the money, yet more inferior breeding to dilute the working lurcher game even more. 

    Secondly, the lurcher world was never about the money, dogs had a job to do, it was a working class sport, money has ruined it like most other sports, full of people who come into the game, don't stay long, leave a few shite dogs behind before infiltrating somewhere else for profit. 

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  6. Well Bred Coursing Bitch

    15 month old coursing bitch 25tts for sale 

    Sire is Open class dog Calzaghe Stan ,won round Romford ,Peterborough, Highgate, a son of a Scottish Derby winner .

    Dam is out of Nuttals Buddy x Tess who was nearly 50 years of top class breeding in her as seen in above lines tracing back to Merlin x Eve .Bitch was worked regularly on field and fen .

    The pup hasn't seen a hare yet ,has put up several and killed daytime rabbits, has a strong prey drive ,good in kennel with my other bitch ,eats well and in superb condition. Genuine reasons for sale ,to put it bluntly... Sick of the chases and hassle with daytime coursing and bitch is too well bred for lamping.

    Not fussed if she stays or goes ,will lamp her if necessary, dog is reared and ready to work with superb breeding which to use later on in her life ,PM with genuine enquiries, no messers ,located in West Midlands £300 .


  7. I recently dropped my lad and the dog off on a field where let's say ,we were waiting for official permission..... I went back 5 minutes later and the farmer is standing next to him ranting and raving ,my lad is saying,, sorry for any inconvenience caused I've had a run and are going quietly,,,,,, the farmer looked baffled by his politeness, I too wished him goodnight and off we went ,,must have been first time no one had threatened to beat him up !!!

    Although the lad plays rugby semi pro and boxed as an amateur so could have handled him we find the apologetic approach shocks them !!



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  8. Main problem now is how the public are misinformed by the media ,most think all hunting is banned ,that lamping is illegal, that taking rabbit is illegal even with permission but of course this makes the polices job easier for them .

    Its getting to the point where owning a lurcher is an admittance of guilt ,and heaven help you if you happen to be in the countryside with one .

    Plus the fact hiding behind your phone to inform on someone is easier than facing them isn't it ? 

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  9. Just now, dogmandont said:

    If they say it enough and enough of the public believes it then it will come to pass. 

    Yes of course,the problem nowadays is the public think all hunting is illegal,with the media feeding them lies , police telling them to report anything,to make their lives easier it's made the lurcher owner in the same bracket as  a paedo and more dangerous than a Muslim suicide bomber !!!

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  10. RSPCA trainee inspector says "There may also be an offence of lamping here "!!!!

    Where do these idiots get their ideas from?

    Shining a lamp on anything is not an offence ,it's the killing of the cat that's wrong here ,I swear these buffoons are under the impression or want the public to think that owning a lamp and a lurcher is a criminal offence .

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  11. Groovy Stan was a decent Greyhound,made finals of both Irish and Scottish Derby ,would be 15 now if still alive ,but I don't think he is .

    He sired about 40 pups but to be honest he never sired anything any good ,if that price of 1200 isn't a misprint,the pup I have in my yard whose sire was an open race winner and whose grandsire won the Scottish Derby is worth 5000!!!!

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