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  1. i just checked the eggs that my hen canary was sat on whitch was bred to the cock canary were clear i took the cock canary out and let the goldy cock in shall i leave the nest pan in or out as the goldy doesnt look intrested at the moment gripper
  2. just a question i have canary on eggs to a canary cock in a breeding cage is to late to put the goldy cock in [BANNED TEXT] the eggs hatch and reaerd the young or is it to late for muleing cheers lads
  3. just got some goldfinch chicks hatched off how many days before i put rings on them cheers
  4. a mate ov mine wants some rings for his canarys but split ones the metal ones with the date etc on were the place or site to get them cheers
  5. got loads ov them were i live in north east clevland
  6. well got my first egg laid today of my hen canary just the goldy cock mated as i never seen him mate with her fingers crossed they be all full [BANNED TEXT] all layed
  7. i have had over a year now he was in a flight but they been in a breeder for about a year now together
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