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  1. i have a litter due tomorow working bred , i might have a couple of hobs spare in 8 weeks, im in york.
  2. in the end i opted for jill jab , it was only £6 per ferret, T STEAD IN YORK, regards martin
  3. Hi has anyone got a vasectomised hob i can borrow or bring my three jills round! my vasectomised hob died last year and so did my mates. York area.
  4. did you buy the pup from a bloke in the rose and crown , or was he the landlord?
  5. i have a couple of albino jills spare , im in york. one year old i bred them myself good working strain.07725964001
  6. have you still got the ferret finder for sale ?
  7. i have just taken in three working pole cat jills from an old guy who has gone in to hospital , the guys family wants them rehoming. all to go together free to good home.they are very tame well handled i am i york 07725964001
  8. if you still have him i wil have him, i can come over on saturday morning if thats ok,i am not that far away .
  9. i have a small polecat hob you can have , im in york. my number is 07725964001. i took it in as a rescue last month.
  10. i have two nice jills 7 months old, silver and polecat live together, last years young, and a asmall polecat hob about 5 years old i took in as a rescue. hob lives by himself wont go with others. im in york 07725964001
  11. it was a 20 inch limmit, which i thought was unfair to dogs ,because obviousley dogs are bigger than bitches. at the east anglian they used to run one meeting a year for 21inch dogs, which i ran my 21 inch oakbark bred dog, i could also have a run at the end of the day when all compititions were finished if there were any hares left to run. if i were to get another whippet i would get a mike brown sooty sam line or one from lyneperry nimrodel lines both best whippets i have seen, good bone, good strike,stamina, real deal. my oakbark was good he had an extra gear, but didnt have that extra determination and strike that the working sooty sam and nimrodel lines have.
  12. i sent off for a net making kit from agouti nets of the internet, and its taken me all weekend to make my first purse net, taking instruction off you tube. the first attempt i didnt double knot and all the knots were loose. i have sussed it now and i am well chuffed. i can recomend making your own , at first i thought i would never be able to suss it out.
  13. i exercise both the lurcher and staffy this way, i tie a rope around my middle with the handles of thr leads through the rope. a lead and dog on each side of me, then i get the dogs to pull me on the mountain bike. the first time i did this i tied the leads to the bike around the bikes seat post with a bungee elastic for a shock absorber. when i got down the end of the lane a rabbit ran across the path. the lurcher shot after it stretching thr elastic about 40 yards, there was a load crack sounding like a rifle shot,the elastic snapped and the hook fired against my thigh. it seemed to happen in slow motion i thought f****n hell look how far that elastics gone , heard the crack then felt like i had been shot in the leg. i had a bruise like a dinner plate on my thigh for ages.
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