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  1. brocky1978

    Vasectomised Hob Ferret

    Sorry he went on sunday.
  2. brocky1978

    Vasectomised Hob Ferret

    hes still here, send us a message and I'll give you some details
  3. brocky1978

    Vasectomised Hob Ferret

    He is about 1 1/2 yrs old
  4. Large Vasectomised Hob Ferret for sale, haven't got any jills any more so I have no need for him , good to be handled. £15 Located Barton upon Humber, North Lincolnshire.
  5. brocky1978

    Two old hammer guns

    do you have any pictures? I have an old hammer gun that i am looking for spares for
  6. brocky1978

    Alros Shadow

    I know i was being cheeky mate it is worth it but thats what i have sitting here.. you dont get if you dont ask!
  7. brocky1978

    Alros Shadow

    if youd take 210 I'll have it , collect with cash
  8. brocky1978

    Alros Shadow

    where abouts are you?
  9. brocky1978

    Tansy and Daisy

    2 nice looking bundles of madness you have there
  10. brocky1978

    Lab colours!

    hmm black is running away with it, now that has suprised me!
  11. brocky1978

    Lab colours!

    Agreed but you know as well as anyone does that people have preferences over a normal yellow
  12. brocky1978


    cracking rifles matey, had a few myself and my .177 mk3 is the one I would keep if i had to get rid of them all but one. could do much worse than one and I wouldnt turn my nose up at one at that price!
  13. brocky1978

    Lab colours!

    Right just wondering whats your favourite colour? Obviously I am going to say black , but come on lets hear it.
  14. brocky1978

    show us your labs

    theres some cracking looking dogs about!
  15. brocky1978

    no longer available

    tis gone matey sorry