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  1. RustyG


    talked to my grate uncle yesterday, he recons all lamping used to be iligal, as it was seen to be unsporting, i duno if this is true or not tho
  2. RustyG

    Your opinion please

    its all about the wippets, i used to have a wippetstaff, he was a bit heavy built for rabbits, but he was ok on them out of a motor (shorter courses)and he always gave it 110%
  3. RustyG


    i read in a lurcher book that it all realy started in the 40s or 50s, using motorbike headlights and car batteries, all home made and very heavy!
  4. RustyG

    best places to go ratting

    my mate works at a tip, when they shift the pile hundreds shoot out! im a bit dubious about lettin the dogs loose there tho, bit to much broken glass for my liking!
  5. Rape is bein harvested n i tess is out of action

    1. willbur


      dont run dogs on rape stubble will f**k the dog !

  6. RustyG

    Badger Cull??

    Cheers mate, an informative answer instead of abuse!! that kinda buggers it for the land I work, there are little nature reserves dotted all over the place, n the chances of findin 150km2 without one somewhere will be slim to non existant!
  7. RustyG

    Badger Cull??

    my mate just phoned me , sayin there is a badger cull on!! is it true, and do i need a special licence? and what are the legal calibres?
  8. have you sold the pups yet mate? i have two mates very interested

  9. RustyG


    we use a u call, seems ok for the money, well long cable, heavy duty plug, weve had it on continuously for ages n nothins melted (apart from my mates dodgy cigarette lighter socket!), those cyclops lamps are prety good for 40 squid, our one lasted well over a season, n then the switch went, n my mate replaced it n its still goin strong for him, its about 3 years old now!
  10. RustyG

    Collars and gear

    its all about the strong stuff mate, zero maintenance, last a life time
  11. RustyG

    Advice needed!!

    Cheers for the help boys! They dont make laws easy do they! My mate has been talkin about gettin a .243 for a while now, so hopefuly he will pull his finger out n sort it!
  12. RustyG

    bully looking lurchers

    This is my little girl
  13. I do pest control for a few different farms, one has a real problem with deer, can i legaly shoot them with a shotgun? (i dont have a rifle) ive bin told lots of different things by lots of different people and im a bit confused!
  14. RustyG

    pellet carrier

    thats a quality idea Richard, i am gona try using some old ali crosbow bolt shafts, they should protect the pellets a bit better!
  15. RustyG

    New approach to gaining permission...

    ive just moved to a new area and need to get some new permision, its a small village with a posh gastro pub and a church that most probly needs repairs to the roof. It might just work haha!