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  1. unwanted xmas present,will swap for lurcher,8 weeks,male,white with brindle patchs,big boned,wormed,vetcheacked,will make big strong dog.
  2. Nice one Vince, I never thought at the time but I hope you didn't mind my reply, I didn't mean to offend, just my opinion. I hope you have some luck anyway cheers Al hes only young give him a chance n watch.
  3. jus depends [bANNED TEXT] ur hunting,ive seen thousands of rubbish bull x n collie x.when u get a gd bull x he ll do the job
  4. hi where in europe can i go boar hunting with dogs.
  5. hows the bulldog bred in the breeding.
  6. still for sale due to time wasters,i can email pics,200 quid.
  7. females only,red,8 weeks,wormed,£175 each
  8. its an old mill but in gd nick,runs well £200
  9. 3 years,hunts at 2lb,silent,ive never hunted with her but pervious owner has had fur n feather,will not jus sell to anyone so plz make sure that u know about falconary,300 quid
  10. hi mate is the hawk still for sale and r u selling all the equipment with it.
  11. I have never bred a litter, not ever, have had dogs around me all my life (40 odd years) and have never bred because I've never needed more than 1 pup which has always been available from someone else. very well said its a shame more people didnt think along these lines.. money,money, money thats what it all boils down to..
  12. im buying a female harris hawk,has any 1 got any equipment for sale,glove,scaes,jesses,anklet,leashes etc
  13. i totaly disagree here mate, imo i dont think 99% of greyhounds will take fox single handed. and you have hit the nail on the head "open fields" its not the open fields they get injured its fences, gates, hedges etc that gives em problems. cheers "billy"
  14. thems signs have been up years lads, all around herts
  15. http://i719.photobucket.com/albums/ww194/luton23/dog.jpg http://i719.photobucket.com/albums/ww194/l.../Photo-0040.jpg she was only 5 months in the pics.
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