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  1. One day whilst out on the big land with my mate Roly we spotted Alwyn and a couple of lads out on a field, we pulled up to watch and hadn"t been there long when a landrover pulled up, its occupents just sat watching so we suspected they were waiting for the boys in blue to arrive. The lads started running of the fen back to the car one of the lads was nearer to us so he came and jumped in with us, Alwyn came shooting down the road past us and we followed. As we drove down the road there was a police car coming towards us lights flashing the lot, he stopped in the middle of the road with his
  2. Had to laugh at this as over the years Alwyn coursed pretty much anywhere and everywhere so it would really have been difficult for him to fall out with someone for poaching his permission
  3. not seen that but he did own diesel so I"m guessing yes
  4. After a long illness Alwyn passed away yesterday, he leaves a wife,daughter,son in law and three grandsons. Alwyn I"m sure will be known to many coursing men as this was his great passion in life rip Alwyn
  5. Have you thought of getting the dogs on a good complete food, I"m sure that would be cheaper, I"ve got 4 here and it doesn"t cost me what your paying
  6. with regard to coursing under rules I would in many ways liken the dogs to racing dogs (some I"m sure will disagree lol) My logic behind this is that the scoring system to my understanding gave out the most points to the dog who came out 1st at the run up and then for turning or half turning the hare with the least points being awarded for a kill. This being the case you require a sprint dog (racer) who will excell in that 1st run up and consequently within the 1st 30 seconds to attempt to turn the hare to gain the maximum of points. This I feel would be the case with both greyhounds or wh
  7. What do you mean by pace..not a dig im just wondering.. as folk most certainly have different veiw's and idea's..my idea of pace is a dog running at speed but not putting everything into it..and running for a long period of time covering a lot of ground with each effortless stride...i have seen the odd grey with good pace and even a whippet x grey but never a pure whippet..as i think there back's and bodies are too small.. Hi, my idea of pace may be different to some others idea , but when watching Racing Whippets we talk of early pace; finishing pace, etc. So i would class "pace" as sp
  8. A good thread and as yet not ruined by the idiots-------lets hope
  9. Have you met the man, have you seen the dog sonny perform and has as been said if Mr Tony Dent rates the dog (and he"s seen him perform in the field) there must something about him
  10. My little bitch was out from 18 weeks ferreting they learn by experience, I like to take them with an experienced dog as they"ll follow him/her about learning without realising it.
  11. I"ve seen some very good dogs/bitches from 23" upwards that would take hares on both big land and smaller fields and most I have to say had some saluki in their make up but with a lot of them being lurcher to lurcher breeding
  12. I think it was a private prosecution by our friends the rspca and a lesson to us all that big brother is watching
  13. Mostly my dad was running me and no way did I want him to catch me lol
  14. Try one of these mate I"ve used them for years, you"ll pick one up from most pet shops for a few quid
  15. what are you wanting to do with her?
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