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  1. a few updated pics of the pup, 12 weeks now
  2. Sorry forgot to mention thats shes a lakeland x
  3. Alright lads hows it going? My pup gets her 2nd injection this friday so i can get her out proper after then. I usually take a walk across the fields a few times a week would it be ok to take the pup with me each time. Ive been told that it wouldnt be the best for her to go each time. Cheers
  4. Hows it going lads? What do use feed your pups? Ive a 10wk old lakeland x fell and shes a real fussy eater just picks over the feed.
  5. Is it the same dog your selling on donedeal for £160
  6. alright lads how it going, i wanted to give the ground work ago so i have decided to pick myself up a terrier out of working stock. shes a lakeland x fell. my younger brother has a jrt that he is hoping to start this season, the dog is very keen.
  7. Alright lads hows it going? im thinking about getting myself a terrier so im just looking a few questions answered if use could. ive never hunted with a terrier before so all new ot me. what is the best breed to work with? (for a novice) what age do you start the dog at work? how do you start the dog?
  8. took a walk onto my permission yesterday with my brother to see if we could get abit of ferreting done and let the dogs get abit of a run. we did the first couple of sets and drew a blank which was strange for the spot we were in. walking along the permission we seen one bunny out. decided to walk abit to see if we could find anything new and came across two groups of kids up with ferrets, labrador, lurcher and a terrier x. the kids had around 7 rabbits with them, gutted wasnt the word. incase any of use are wondering how kids got there my permission is arond 10 min walk from housing estate
  9. i went out last night at around 11 which is usually in and around the usual time, walked for near 3 hours and seen 4 fox. plenty of bunnies out but they are sitting around 3 feet out from the hedge.
  10. alright lads hows it going, where i have my permission the bunnies are like tree huggers and sit very very close to the hedgeline, id be lucky to get one sitting out. what im wanting to know is what could i do to give my dogs a better chance at them or i there nothing at all that can be done. cheers marc
  11. if i hada had the beddy x out with me last night i woulda had a go at a red but only had the whippet pup out her first time on the lamp, she got one slip and chased it well but it was vey close to the hedge for her.
  12. not long in myself mate and it was exactly the same for me, a good bit amount of fox about but very few bunnies
  13. belfast is f**ked to mate, roads closed everywhere!!!!
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