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  1. BBQ? Stock making? Highland Broth? Thats what I do with them. lol
  2. Thank you. Knowing that this cross is going to be a highly active one, I was looking for highly active homes for them. I just thought that with myself having used them as working dogs (Rabbiting) and because I happen to have a very good relationship with my Northern Inuit dogs, I got something out of them that others had never thought about. NI have a high prey drive, a very high prey drive. A dog is what you make it aslong as you understand that dogs background fully to be able to train accordingly. I have 2 booked and have plans to run one boy on myself as I personal think he has p
  3. Not that they should have but. I do know a few Northern Inuit dogs that have singlepawed taken down deer. all while out on walk with owners who owned the land they were walking on so was their choice. They can run like the wind and will work all day and love it lol
  4. How can anyone be so stupid as to think or even consider putting an injured PUPPY in RECOVERY from INJURY, into whelp. You hoping for her to die during labour? You hoping she'll be crippled for life? You are considering doing the sickest thing in breeding dogs! Breeding from a pup. It's dog pedophila!
  5. Northern Inuit dogs are a UK wolfdog breed. One of my bitches 'Wayakin' Keano and me and Hubby with 4 of our pups at 2007 Oldham show where dad of pups 'Mahlek Ernesta Guevara de la Serna at Shadowlands was place 1st in minor puppy, first in NIS Members dogs under 12month and res best puppy in Show.
  6. Working Springer Spaniel x Northern Inuit Puppies. 2 Dogs and 3 Bitches available. 8 weeks old on 7th July. Unplanned litter. Not to be repeated. Mum is a Liver and white Working Springer (pictured in Avitar). Dad is a pure, registered Pedigree Northern Inuit with Hipscore of 5:4. Mum is a great Bird retriever. Dad is a great Rabbit dog but has not been trained in this area. Have serious potential in making cracking working dogs. 1 has been booked to be trained as a gundog (friend and member on here). They have been home reared in the livingroom, with full socialisat
  7. just wanting to know if there are any Gamefairs or events going on in Manchester and surrounding areas? looking to plan the summer holidays with the children so that we have plenty of days out and make things less boring and more varied. thank you laura
  8. Jealous? me? er yes!!!!!!! I would love to have Venison every week, or every day! God I love the stuff! For a Roast. I like to soak the Joint in Dark Ale (Black Sheep is my personal fave) and leave soaking over night. Slow roast in the Juices, then for last half hour on a raised rack. Use the Juices along with some more Ale to make a Rich Gravy................... god my mouth is watering like mad now lol or for stew, do the same with the cubes, soak in ale overnight, cook in the juices, add more ale after adding steamed veg and leave to stew. Dam! Why did I defrost p
  9. I haven't yet found any Sloes in my area (Boarshaw, Middleton) but while out collecting Elderflower I will have my eyes peeled for them.
  10. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I can't wait to go out this week and collect some elderflowers. I was thinking more on Cordial tho cause the kids will be wanting to drink loads of it! won't last long at all in our house lol
  11. ALL THIS WEEKS DELIVERY HAS GONE. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO COLLECTED. XX I'll post again when I next have some spare available. Laura The Free Meaty Bone Fairy! Every dogs best friend.
  12. I have 33 Crates available. Lots of juicey lamb available. must be collected tonight or tomorrow. IT'S FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laura 07878 924914
  13. No one then?? Would have thought someone would have wanted it due to the pm's I had last time. It just has to be collected today due to it being fresh. Otherwise it's going to the skip and you miss out. IT'S FREE AFTER ALL!
  14. Hi, sorry I haven't got time to reply to pm's as some are not able to come today and today is when it has to be picked up. I'm in middleton. Have 6 Crates available of lamb. Please just phone me on 07878 924914 as I am busy today in the garden sorting poultry etc so no time to keep checking pm's. Finishing off pens so if anyone has any wood battons they want rid of I would love them lol xx Laura
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