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  1. Older bitch on hold, young bitch still here open to sensible offers
  2. Cutting down due to me doing more with my gundogs. first is a one year old 3/4jack 1/4patterdale brown and while mum is a ratting lines dad foxing dogs used by a large estate. will make ideal ratting dog but has the balls for more in the right hands £150 ono second is a 3year old ratting bitch 8" to the shoulder mainly brown with white socks and chest quiet and clean in kennle, £120 both are typical russle bitches fiesty and ready to work Would like them gone as soon as possible Collection East Yorkshire
  3. giver her a rest sounds like you have been over traning and not letting her be a puppy!
  4. hi let me know she would be ideal on a yard, shes a very sweet girl, they is some wiggle room on price to the right home
  5. shes not spayed, she was in season a couple weeks back she has had a litter before she came to me Good home is a must for this girl
  6. Grant, there not scrappy get on fine with each other and my labs, just this little bitch they don't seem to care for, normally it would be the others, but I have bred them and Im just trying to do whats best for the bitch Clare
  7. Sadly I am having to sell my little ratting dog Penny, my 3 homebred bitches have taken a dislike to her and I cant let her come out with us anymore as my girls just try and shred her, she came from a farm local to me shes 8" TTS, she is a machine on the rats, she wont give up and as shes so little she can get into spaces were the others cant. Shes Mircrochipped, Fully vaccinated and a dream to have about, it really is a sad sale but not not fair on her when she wants to come out ratting but cant for her own safety No peddlers, homes will be vetted if I cant find her a good home, I wil
  8. Due to time wasters 1 dog pup left (£300) and two bitches (£350) left please only serious enquirers
  9. glad to hear it Mike Just one dog and two bitches left now
  10. 2 dogs and 2 bitches left (possibly only one someone coming tomrw evening )
  11. Thanks everyone I don't like fat labs either! I keep mine all lean and I breed the smaller leggy type not the ones that look like mastiff x's! i want my dogs to work the cover not just bulldoze through it!
  12. 3 Yellow bitches and 2 Yellow dogs still available to working homes, Mum is a picking up dog and a small labrador and is home bred out of woodie (dog in my avatar) and Tyto our old dog who passed on last year at 12years old, Dad is 4 generation bred keeper dog, who is larger set and Fox red, these puppies have been bred for there working ability and size as I like a smaller working lab that can work cover instead of just bulldozing it. puppys are KC reg and come with puppy pack including 3kg of food, money of vouchers, and puppy contract. they have been wormed every two weeks fro
  13. or the other way as you come onto my land I dont ram (to much paperwork) but I will warn you first time, and second time i report you to police I haven't put in loads of work to keep my permission to have twits poaching so I get 3am from worried farmers with that said they have done the hay, oilseed rape and made a start on barley so I will be living in the fields for next couple of weeks, helping farmer and shooting happy days!
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