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  1. just down the road from the farther inlaw drop mrs and kids there and come and ave a look i think :-)
  2. Any one going Saturday 25th May 12:30 start LE7 4SQ
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide works wonders cheap as chips as well
  4. i had a small springer bitch for the same job heart of a lion and would go thro any cover and i sadly lost her iv gone for a sprocker now as it was at the right money so we will see
  5. cheers camokev64 thats brill
  6. i dont no if its just me she will pick and choose when she will chase and pick up and when returning with the object she drops it is this normal ?
  7. hi all i have a sprocker that is 4 months old now ive just started doing some basic training with her and im realy struggling with her retreiving could any one help or point me in the right direction yis
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