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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows of any gamefairs on the easter weekend? Thanks in advance.
  2. Not been on for ages and its that time of year when I have nothing better to do than go work and sunbathe so thought id post. Iv had my 1/2 greyhound 1/4 collie 1/8 deerhound 1/8 whippet for 2 1/2 year now and she's coming on 3 this November. I must say this is my 1st lurcher as iv always had terriers previous to this bitch. She has been amazing upto now 100 percent more than I expected. This has been the most loyal and brainy dog iv ever owned, probably due to being brought up with my old collie. Anyway I started her off last season and wow did she pick it up quick, she started with a few daytime catches on general walks out my local area. Once she had shown good ability I started her on the lamp. Anyway to cut a long story short I was impressed, very impressed. She has the heart of a lion and retrieves bunnies live to hand without no training given. She has seen everything fur and teeth, some not purposely but she didn't shy away from anything she seen. Im not saying this bitch is a world beater but she has done me proud in her first season taking on any challenge set. Im hoping to breed this bitch after this season coming to keep a pup. Im wanting something about the same height but slightly stockier to give her that extra bit of strength. Any offers or ideas appreciated, Thanks. at 3 month old growing up last summer shortly before last season
  3. Ling time since iv posted on here, im after a new terrier a iv been out of having a terrier now for over 2 year due to bringing on my lurcher. Shes coming on fine but i miss the digging game. Had a few digs over christmas and now the time is right to get back into it. Regrettably i got rid of a young terrier when i got her and my lurcher at the same time and realise iv taken on too much, i would like a similar one to her so im looking for a good russel breeder or a patterdale breeder. I dont mind traveling but not too far about 120 mile from doncaster at the most. Im not rushing to get one as i want it to be the right one so any future breedings in mind would be considered. Thanks for reading...luke
  4. This phone is not even 1month old, selling as wanting a iphone 4, comes with box and all accessories, not a mark on it. Inbox or call on 07713044177 thanks Looking for 200pound pick up near doncaster.
  5. for sale is my 56plate vauxhall astra its 1.7cdti sxi sports hatch 12 month test 6 month tax recent service and full history covered just 77k very good condition top spec inside, carbon fibre trim, sports button etc looking for £4,500 ovno or maybe a swap for another car located in doncaster, south yorkshire call 07713044177 for more info
  6. For sale is a 8ft mk1 ferret collar in working order and a faulty box. £35 picked up. Inbox or call on 07713044177 for details. thanks
  7. For sale is my vauxhall astra sports hatch, its a 1.7cdti diesel. It wil have 12 month MOT and a service plus full service history, its a 56 plate and has covered 74,000miles. It comes with sport button alloys etc. Looking for £4,750 ovno thanks
  8. For sale is my Mk box and collar its the 16ft orange one. Its in perfect working order and is for sale as i dont have a terrier no more. Wanting £120 posted within the uk please call or text as i dont get on here often enough my number is 07919173725 can collect for £110 located in doncaster south yorkshire thanks
  9. For sale is my nintendo wii, reason for sale is its not getting used so may as well go. It comes boxed up with all cables etc, 3remotes, 1 motion plus, 2 numchucks, 12 games and sports pack with variouse items. Located near doncaster. For any more info feel free to call. Call now on 07036 222515 looking for £90 PICK UP
  10. I'm from thorne end mate and the lamps are 250watt, I don't have a picture but there on e-bay at 23.99 and 6.95 delivery, there the exact ones. Thanks
  11. I'm from thorne end mate and the lamps are 250watt, I don't have a picture but there on e-bay at 23.99 and 6.95 delivery, there the exact ones. Thanks
  12. These are in perfect working order and handy to keep the dogs warm in the winter, they are the ones with a 3stage switch for diffrent heat settings, they come with bulbs too. Im looking for £22 posted each or £60 for the lot, £18pound picked up each or £50 the lot. Located in doncaster south yorkshire, feel free to call on 07714526577. Thanks, luke
  13. 2 nice pups there alli, not seen u in a while, nice to see you been getting out alot. Ive not bben doin much due to work but hopefully will do more this winter. ATB LUKE
  14. She stands at 25" tts now, not done alot with her to be fair i dont want to rush her but now shes maturing nicely il do more, shes had the odd bunny whilst out but nothing more. Hopefully more to come this winter, thanks for comments
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