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  1. It's a big ask but I'm looking to get into pigeon decoying ,I could do with someone taking me under there wing I have my own shotgun and have been shooting on and off for 20 years mainly clays and lamping I live in devon ,any help would be very much appreciated many thanks Alfie
  2. alfie71


    I've been shooting clays for about a year ,but just started shooting more skeet ,I'm realy struggling with the high house ,I can hit it on the first and last station and got no problems with the low house ,I was told I was winding to far back to the high house and then playing catch up ,any help appreciated
  3. alfie71

    Winchester Select Light

    I've been clay shooting for a while and I use a lincoln no2 which fits me and I do well with .ive seen a winny light and am thinking of upgrading but I'm wondering about recoil with a light gun ,so if anyone has one or has used a lightweight shotgun for clays ,please advise me ,as I don't wanna spend my money and then regret it cheers Alfie
  4. I've been clay shooting for a while and am thinking of upgrading my shotgun,I currently use a lincoln no 2 ,which fits me and doing ok with it .ive looked at a winny select light and I'm tempted but I'm thinking about the recoil is this gun going to kick like a mule ,I've no experience of lightweight guns ,so if any one uses one or has used one I would appreciate your comments before I spend my hard earnt cash I don't want to buy it then wish I hadn't ,thanks
  5. alfie71

    Mobile Phone Bills

    I'm with giff gaff pay as you go ,cheap as chips ,would never have a contract phone again
  6. alfie71

    Lurcher Crunching Rabbits

    My dog does the same ,he will bring rabbit back so far then crunch it ,he used to retrieve live to hand when he was younger ,I just learnt to live with it lol
  7. alfie71

    D.h Pups.

    Do a search on here mate ,there's been lots of topics on them ,there like marmite some love them some don't
  8. alfie71

    Still A Twat With The Van

    My dog is the same and he's 7 ,he used to jump in the van no probs ,now I gotta put food in ,I think it was when I had my old escort van and I had to slam the back door to get it to shut proper it must of freaked him out ,bloody sensitive collie crosses lol
  9. alfie71


    Can you ask guy int pub if it will make my dog run faster ,johnny .
  10. alfie71

    The Numbers Game

    Well he won't catch anything sat int pub ,I've known a few guys that sit int pub and they all talk the talk lol
  11. alfie71

    Coursing "ammo"

    I used to have 2 Lurchers which is ok if you got the work for them ,I only have the 1now, I suppose it depends on how much time you put into the dogs,I live on my own so I can pretty much do as I please lol
  12. alfie71

    Recommendations ?

    Just take your time pick lots of shotguns up and don't rush into buying one ,I started clay shooting and looked around at different shotguns and ended up buying a silma sporter which is a budget clay gun ,and I realy struggled with it I found it to heavy and clumpy and it knocked my shoulder around a bit ,so I swapped it for a lincoln premier game gun which is a lot lighter and my scores have realy improved I shot 28 outta 5o the other week and the gun feels right for me,it's all about gun fit ,if you rush into it you will end up buying twice and loose money
  13. alfie71

    First Crosses..

    Cheers mate and hope you find what your looking for
  14. alfie71

    First Crosses..

    Yeah that's him mate
  15. alfie71

    First Crosses..

    If u do a search mate ,I have put some pics on in the past,I'm not to good with the photo uploading thing lol