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  1. you didn't reply last night --must of been waiting on your mrs to tell you what to put..
  2. why??, i think the same as the others, if you don't want to come on here then its very simple. "don't log on" never understand all these remove my account posts bla bla if a couple of mods are going to follow me round the site removing my posts whats the point being here all I`m saying is if you don't want me on remove me ------PAULUS I asked you to remove me because I thought you were a friend .. I wont post on here again but I really didn't think asking to be removed from a site I no longer wish to be on would be such an issue ---really do you
  3. I removed your posts. Without getting into an argument or a long winded "why" discussion. Just think on. You know "why". You knew the reaction they would get whilst typing them out. Highlighting them in bold and hitting the post button. so why didn't you say last night you were on when the post went on seems some of the mods are a bit spine less and have to wait for matt to come on soon as he did you went running ---- just for the record nothing I posted was highlighted in bold ....
  4. and the c**ts still hav`nt deleted me I guess I`ll just have to not log on...
  5. If someone doesn't want to log in and read the forum, why is it such a big issue? yawn
  6. if someone wants to be deleted why is it such a big issue...
  7. Indeed Invest your money and take your chance buddy I'll rest easy; I've found in life, a dickhead is a dickhead, no matter how deep his pockets are
  8. Do you really want me to share the details? Are you sure? (for information with innocent bystanders reading this sad story, that is not what it was for) I asked a simple question again you`ve made it personal ....other mods have been on all night but you have to take up the reign ....
  9. well matthew we`ll see how things pan out,,,
  10. Would you like to give an example? Stig, I've not been online since this morning, so don't know what's happened. The only thing I'm certain of, is that you deserved any warning you were given because I disagreed with the information you gave a lad over some gin traps, you used your power as a mod to remove my post and gloss over your own posts --theres a point when you have to hold up your hands up step back and admit your wrong you just hav`nt found that part of your personality yet...
  11. and you went to the trouble to post that :laugh:
  12. Put sheep roofing on it then they have no chance...... the blue stuff that looks like the sky ? No the pink stuff that looks like a........... candy floss
  13. I cant say any thing about the man at the moment ...
  14. I`m off next door be gone when I come back
  15. the_stig

    Other Than??

    the garden benches ?.... I still made 50% on them but your right way to cheap...
  16. the_stig

    Other Than??

    the garden benches ?....
  17. I accepted my 2 warning points tonight even though I have no clue why I got them in the first place ---issued by matt ,, so tonight I come on as a member of thl seen as no one`s removed me yet ,start a few threads put a few posts up couldn't see much wrong with them I pointed one of you in the direction of them and they stayed on for a few hours few lads having the craic on them now they`ve been taken down ..if they were offensive fair play but they seen to have gone just because its me posting ..I hope I warrant a response but I wont hold my breath ,,
  18. the_stig

    Other Than??

    I do like the joblot at the min really thought you'd have done better on your last 4 lots in the auction?n... I bought a French chiffioner off ebay with no mirror back for a tenner when I went to collect they`d found the mirror back and gave it me for free I spent a day getting it right and it made 580 quid in auction...
  19. Put sheep roofing on it then they have no chance...... the blue stuff that looks like the sky ?
  20. how high does it have to be to stop your best sheep getting out...
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