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  1. Does anybody know anything about this caliber 17 Winchester super magnum. looks really interesting but i cant find any information about what manufacturers are producing rifles in this caliber and if they are available in the UK. whats the ammo availability and price? has anybody tried this round out? Any info on it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. where about do you shoot a the longman area. is it down near allan fearn. i work there and here shots early morning
  3. looking at doing some wildfowling on the foreshore around Inverness and was wondering if anyone can give me some tips where to go. part of the blackisle wildfowlers club for a few years now but im looking for a few more places to shoot. any help will be very much appreciated.
  4. wow ok well i was thinking that he was trying to rip me off but hes the only dealer within 100 miles of me
  5. I went to my local firearms dealer today and went in to get another 250 pigeon cartridges and was offered the cheapest they had at nearly £8 a box for eley pigeon special 6.5 and 30 gram. all the game loads he had were over £10 a box as well. less than 6 years ago eley pigeon were only £3.50 a box so what the hell is going on are cartridges that expensive everywhere or is the guy trying to rip me off. What kind of prices does everyone else pay and is there a cheaper option like steel or something.
  6. cz 452 ze brno in good condition with 2 nikko stirling scopes. one is 3-9 42 with illuminated cross hairs and mill dots and one is fixed power at 6x 42. and a sling, a SAK moderator and 425 winchester laser high velocity rounds. and there a 5 shot and a 10 shot magazine. live in inverness so would have to be quite close. im looking for around £250 and I may be interested in a swap for a shotgun. 01381 622459
  7. not sure but it could of jumped a tooth on the timing or your head gasket could be gone. it wouldnt start at all if the fuel pump was gone so i wouldnt think it was that. i would recomend plugging it into the vehicle diaagnostics at your local garage before doing anythin exspensive
  8. saks are cheap and a bit bulky but for the money not too bad or go for a parker and hale mod there good
  9. i already have 17hmr om my ticket and was just wondering i never really was wanting a magnum because lr is less noisy
  10. i have 22 rimfire and moderator on my fac but it dosnt state whever its for 22lr or magnem on it so could i buy either? whats the advantages of the magnum or is the 22lr better due to ammo prices and noise reduction?
  11. space them about a metre and a half apart and face them all differant direction. im guessing you are gona sit quit far away using the 17hmr so if you sit still and hidden you should be ok. and sit downwind off them just to be sure. once you have a few down stick a garden cane up there butts and through there chest to form a cross and they should look like there about to land.
  12. its a old baikal ij18 e single barrel full choke.. it cost me £30 and i was using eley real trees and hushpower no6 through it and it was getting very hot that day and i was scared i was gona get a cook off.
  13. thought you might like to see these pics
  14. hi i have had some plastic pigeon decoys for a few years ande there getting tatty so i sprayed 3 full body and 3 shell decoys black with matt paint and then set them up to decoy crows. they worked really well and brought in crows,woodys and ferrels and i had a great day and ended up with 94 birds in total mainly crows and they saved me going and buying crow decoys. i have pics but cant get them up but ill keep trying. i forgot to mention i only had 140 cartridges and i used them in 3 hours
  15. theres more reciol and generally a heaver load but there expensive and not much advantage really unless your shooting bbs or aaa because you get a better spread
  16. shooting birds on the ground is not against the GL at all its perfectly ok to do so and i would try eley real tree pigeon there cheep and do the job well and i use 1/2 and 3/4 choke and it works great for me
  17. no dude 3" is 76mm if im correct so i dont thinkit would be advisable unless you want to blow your new gun up or a finger off
  18. why use a 243 to shoot red deer when a bigger calibre is better. what i mean is your pushing what the 243 can fire by using the heavy grain bullets so why not use a calibre that can handle it more comfatably. i would go for 6.5 x 55 or a 308. i use 30-06 and its brilliant/
  19. there is nothing wrong with the 223 round its plenty powerfull enough and the us troops carry 6.8mm m4a1`s wich is a brilliant round and saw`s wich have changable barrels and can fire 5.56 or 7.62
  20. i am a gamekeaper and have a fac so dont need anyone to shoot deer for me. the reason i asked was because i have tried to stalk with conventional methods using a 30-06 but have had limited sucsess because the plantation is very dense and visabilaty is reduced to below 20 yards and i will be using a 5 shot semi auto full choke 3" cartridge. i have never used AAA so wasnt too sure sothought i would ask
  21. if i was to use AAA shot to shoot roe deer in a plantation would i get a clean kill if i kept the range under 25 yards and used full choke or would it be too risky. plus would i aim for the head or heart
  22. i stay on the blackisle and theres loads around me and even more about 20 miles north at nigg
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