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  1. I like the sound of that saluki beddy grey... any photos of it??? aye BIG DOG plenty of power in both mine to drop them i havnt mate it was my friends dog he swore by the cross but each to there own
  2. the only saluki x ive seen thats any good was a saluki beddy grey 2nd generation 24tts done the with ease sigle handed i have a saluki collie grey he dus them but no wear near as good and as the often as the other dog did people who breed saluki x for fox cant be really tha clever really every one noes that they hare dogs
  3. wanted hw100 carbine1.77 cash waiting hartlepool area must be in good condition
  4. i have a saluki collie gry at stud hes 24tts fast and bags of stamina jups and retreives well lookin for a pup to replace him hes going to be retireing nxt season
  5. kick her in the minge so how she like an irritating cu*t
  6. it all depends on the man / woman wos working it you have to find some thing that will suit what u want to run and how u live really most crosses will do out you ask of it
  7. every dog has its weaknesses and to say it wont have any is just plain stupid im not one of these that thinks ive got the best dog in the world or want to match every one all im lookin for is a half decent bitch to put to me dog hes dosent really miss tha many rabbits and would say he gets 60 % of day time hares hes done a few charlie and one roe im in hartlepool
  8. saluki colle grey at stud 24tts bags of stamina jumps mint never stops runnin takes all legal quarry no fee all i want is pic of the litter as im planning on retiring me lurcher next year
  9. try ferret uk on here mate i think he keeps a wide range of finches atb jedandlevo
  10. WE should have laws like austraila were if ur an immergtant u DONT get in full stop nowt against immergrant or out but when they get more benifits than the english who were born and raised here theres got to be some thing wrong there shurely and atleast half of them have been accused or been to courst for doing some criminal act of some kind when they are a guest in our country to me thats just pure f*****g cheeky if they come here legaly and get a job and they work hard and dont stop an english man getting a job they could of had if the immergrant wasent here then craqck on as already said n
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