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  1. Glad he been a good dog for you lads and seen plenty well done
  2. thanks to everyone that turned out to make another good show it was a pity that some c**t put on facebook it was cancelled but good day for those who turned up in the sun
  3. There will be prize money for the Champion Lucher and Champion Terrier = £50.00 each
  4. The Fell & Moorland W.T.C "South Wales" are holding a Terrier & Lurcher Show on Sat 7th June 2014 @ Heol-Y-Cyw, Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan CF35 6HY (Signposted of J35 M4) Starts @ 1.30pm Hot/Cold refreshments available, raffle, sponsored classes with prizes!! Full Plummer show. Terrier & Lurcher racing after the show. For further information, contact Sian /Paul on: 01656 860445 / 07845 961726
  5. hi mate dont think my tank dog has ever been in earth dog running dog hes 13 now and i know the bitches hes lined and know of no chocs out of him he on the right
  6. Field all sorted, weather looking good for tomorrow, c u there
  7. Hiya, Thanks Was trying to get hold of you and have not advertised the racing till you confirmed? let us know? Thanks
  8. Hi, been trying to get hold of you (mailbox full) are you coming next Sat? can you do the racing?
  9. This year the charity we are supporting is: The British Heart Foundation, on behalf of Darren Smith, local Terrierman and member of The Fell & Moorland WTC who sadly passed away last September. All donations welcome.
  10. The Fell & Moorland W.T.C (South Wales) are holding their Terrier & Lurcher show on: SATURDAY 1st June 2013 @ Heol-Y-Cyw, Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan South Wales. (Signposted of J35 M4) Qualifier for: The Countryman's Champion of Champions (Midland Game Fair) & EDRD Hot / Cold refreshments available, Raffle, Sponsored classes with trophies & Prizes!! For more information, please contact: Paul or Sian on: 01656 860445 (evenings) or 07845 961726 Just received another qualifier for: The Five Nations International Championships @ Birr Castle, Ireland on the 1st September 2013 - Champion Lurcher / Champion Terrier
  11. Mr K Ryall won Best Entered & Mr J Powell won Champion Terrier
  12. We like to thank everyone who supported the show and to those who helped us on the day, it was a great turnout and the weather held out Big thank-you to the judges and stewards
  13. Hiya, Yes there will be a seperate class for Dog & Bitch
  14. Not long now!!! We like to thank all the sponsors for there support and donations
  15. There will be Terrier & Lurcher racing after the show
  16. The Fell & Moorland WTC (South Wales) is holding there Terrier & Lurcher show: SATURDAY 2ND JUNE 2012 @ 1PM At: Heol-Y-Cyw, Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales, CF35 6HY (Signposted of J35 M4) Qualifier for: Countryman's Weekly Champion of Champions, NWTF, EDRD Hot & Cold refreshments available, Raffle, Sponsored classes with Trophies & Prizes!!!! Trade stalls welcome. For further information, please contact Paul / Sian: 01656 860445 / 07845 961726
  17. well knowing who it is he must have got this gossip off someone close to joe
  18. well atleast a working terrier that was bred for work won championship
  19. mostly correct busterdog and theres only a handfull of shows worth attending for a worker of terriers but also theres crufts for the more serious of show/breeders with perfect confirmation ha ha il still bollock you though
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