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  1. laddie he was only small but had a head,stockieness and lockjaw wat a gud working dog
  2. one of me pals had a jack russel xstaffy it was a very good working dog dus know any history on them and does any 1 use them???al add pictures tomora cheers
  3. some of yes mite rememba about two years ago me dog collie/whippetgreyhoundxsaluki greyhound res broke his two of his legs chasing a rabit a hit a blind ditch which cudnt be helped the vets said the mit have to take his front leg off he was in the vets 3 days and he was home they fixed his both legs then six months later his 2 legs were healed i was over the moon hes few pictures of him before and afta the accident cheerslads
  4. me old dog rosie salukixbull/grey this was her first run since shed sliced open her front right paw open coursin a fox over a bit of rough ground took her about 3minutes to catch i was proud
  5. danny-1


    ive got a weirauch hw90k 177 cal the real heavy guns but deadly accurate it was the first tym i used for a while last nite killing rabbits from 20 yards i was amazed all as i can say is go for it
  6. if its any help theres a place called haswell its a cany bit away from u i reckon but theres loads of cheap dogs there which half of them are chored [bANNED TEXT] try there good luck
  7. some nice pics how much did scoobs younger brother sell for or how much is it worth?????
  8. good luck [bANNED TEXT] hope she gets better i know how it feels my dog broke his legs at six months old [bANNED TEXT]
  9. my mate has got a bedlingtonxgreyhound dog a long black haired thing about 5 years old if its any good
  10. the dog stand at roughly 13" cany small he can fit down rabbit set takes fox, and has been put down with sevral other working terriers. chilli [bANNED TEXT] wer r u from.
  11. has anyone heard of a cross like this or used one of the same cross before and what are the purposes for this breed????
  12. my dogs broke its legs about 5 month ago as sum of you will no. he can run like a normal lurcher but i need sum advice will he be able to run again thats the question cheers
  13. my [bANNED TEXT] has just got a saluki greyhound first cross the same as the little corker at the top for nowt.
  14. danny-1


    i went out round my area and got a nice hare in the first field
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