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  1. I've just watched ''The Fighter'' with Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg awesome film and based on a true story which makes it more interesting One of many must watch films me thinks I like the look of ''The Covenant '' trailer gonna sit down and blow the froth of a few Stella's tneet while watching that Thanks Stonewall
  2. Nice tattoo that pal really great colours and detailing
  3. Seems to be a lot of conspiracy theory's going on here What about out int field when your dogs in farmyard drinking from puddles with cattle and horse shite and all the other lovely things floating about or out in field covered in slurry and shite or fertilisers, weedkillers and every other possible thing that seems to be slung on this green and pleasant land that runs off and ends up int our lovely waterways anyrode of which we all end up drinking Seems like a lot of fuss over nowt to me
  4. Hi there I'm Elmafudd from Leeds West Yorkshire I've just joined this forum and thought I'd introduce myself I've been into all types of fieldsports as long as I can remember. I used to tag along with my father and his friends as a young boy (many many moons ago )and was probably more of an hinderece than a help but I'm glad he persivered and taught me the wonderful ways of this life I love and live for . I am the proud owner of a saluki /greyhound and a border terrier and 5 ferrets and with any given chance I'm out either ratting, rabbiting ,shooting or fishing night and day (
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