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  1. i know man, see every time i have to see some overweight labrador or the type that can barely walk the length of itself nevermind run it breaks my heart,
  2. that actually is a lot better than i thought it would be, only reason i thought it was so much was because the only person i know with their dog on a proper raw diet says it costs them a fortune but glad to know i can get the proper food for a good price
  3. I know it’s been asked before, and that the answer for the best diet is raw meat and veg but that costs a lot of money to do is there a more affordable way of getting that sort of diet for a pup?
  4. Anyway, I’ll stop with the posts specifically about hunting and stick to reading them instead enjoy a photo of the pup in her pink harness
  5. I mean I don’t know why he thinks m trying to do that, is what it is at the end of the day mate I’m just passionate about my dogs and get a wee bit overexcited if I was polis I wouldn’t be posting where I live and aw that surely or maybe I wid I’ll ease off wit aw the posts like that mate but I’ve just found that people on here are a much better, easier to understand way of finding out about dogs than half the wanks ye find everywhere else online
  6. I’m not sure what ye mean by that but I’ll try and cut it out, I’m not here to get anyone in any bother
  7. Don’t know if that came across wrong, I do get why people hunt other animals and particularly deer but just not for me. last thing I ever want to do is try and tell someone else what they should and shouldn’t do
  8. I’m also not much of a hunter, I just enjoy wildlife. Only animal my dog will ever be hurting is rats
  9. See for being a wee council estate we’ve got everything from badgers to foxes to deer (every so often) not too bad (Not too bad to look at, that is)
  10. Also during the peak of the rat infestations last year, a couple I know with a stuffy took it down to their neighbours to dispatch a few of the rats that had managed to get inside the homes poor fecker ran back out with its tail between its legs crying from a set of rats that it could have fit in its mouth without noticing
  11. I know I get (rightful) stick on here for the posts about dog breeds that are never workers, I have a funny story about a guy even worse than me. so I remember this guy a couple flats down with a huge American bulldog. Thing was the most gentle creature you’ve ever seen but obviously massive. and I remembered the guy getting lifted a couple years ago but had no clue what for someone was talking about it today, the mad b*****d had left his flat with a shovel and his dog and started digging away at one of the many fox holes we have right next to the flats, got caught out when he
  12. I had a quick google there and apparently they do suffer from the same problems as pugs bulldogs etc which is a shame, f****d up that hunting is banned for cruelty but breeding creatures unable to breathe or breed isnt
  13. i like the wee bulldog/terrier hybrid look of them, like a bulldog that wont just keel over if you ask it to do a run
  14. i'll have a wee look, probably best i stick to google for a while now anyway
  15. as much as i have been annoying everyone on the site I really appreciate the answer thank you mate
  16. after hearing about their wee brittle legs ive decided against asking my pal for a shot of the wee fecker, no point in a dog made out of glass
  17. haha, if its any consolation ive taught her how to walk on a lead now
  18. I seen a video on YouTube which obviously isnt much of a source
  19. Hahah this did make me audibly laugh, just into my weird dogs I guess
  20. Do these dogs ever get worked? They seem to have way too much of a squashed in face to be any use but I’ve heard of people using them hunting and was wondering if it was common. no interest in owning one, was just curiosity
  21. real shame, like a lot of dogs seems that when they arent bred to work they becoming walking vet bills
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