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  1. Your entitled to your personal opinion and beliefs
  2. Ok you have made the point of plummer......he actually really was a disaster to himself it was him alone who initially made contact with me when I was at the height of my breeding project along with other so called make believe contribution writers who contacted me in the first place and asked literally dozens of questions about certain particular things back in the days I didn't need anything or anyone to write articles on me or write complimentary comments I just bred a handy dog that one or two people liked simply a truly made statement by me thanks to everyone who rated me as a mediocr
  3. Truthfully the Italian grey is really not a dog created for the hunting field simply because they are not armoured up for sports....in so far as when does a bloodline become your own simply because you have a personal affix that doesn't mean to actually alleviate the fact that others can endeavour to prevai cloning your lurcher type or longdog strain!!!!!
  4. I have a longstanding belief that yes there are good English purebred greyhounds in the u.k but the Irish bred purebred greyhounds are a far better candidate to use when one chooses to breed it in order to create a litter of lurcher type or longdog hybrid..... remember the first factor absolutely the Irish folk simply have the clear knack of producing the best racing horses and a furthermore factor the best purebred coursing greyhounds that is my very personal point of view.TICO lines i used back in the days top notch greyhounds.
  5. I honestly don't know how u clicks work with one another but I guess you have a crack at those who are honesty far better than each other
  6. I don't want to fight any person nothing personal
  7. Listen shit head he made personal rude comments about me....seriously shut that hole in your head and wrap it i don't mouth on forums ok ill say f**k all else
  8. Hey geezer your no funking mate of mine are you real or what
  9. Funking hell old age has really set in o.a.p. now Lloyd lol
  10. I'm not slandering the Italian greyhound off I simply tried to allow him thinking otherwise there are breeding projects he can have a crack at if he wants a good well boned running dog bred into this type of petet breed then stand back and ask the leading authorities that have breeding educated knowledge and long standing experience in the game for in absolute truthfulness you will get someone who will help you with what to use with your Italian greyhound im not going to really suggest about what id do?.good luck!
  11. Who's Daniel cane he dusent exactly fit into a man's sport
  12. Your medication is needed you illiterate idiot how old are you 10 and your a little nobody kiddo
  13. I honestly don't think I want a pal on here than anyway tomo
  14. You need to step carefully with this particular cross very fragile and they are very often in a veterinary surgery due to their limbs getting busted i would have thought that they would make terrific little ratters but considering they are so dainty and subsequently not well boned to bolt a full flighted small conie id personality put it across a strong well balanced whippet that stands 19 or 20 inches to the withers and subsequently further more select a hard gtit whippet in order to proceed in future by you putting it to a flighty relatively small purebred greyhound I wish you luck!!!!
  15. Hi bro Italian greyhounds as your aware are honesty very small in confirmation and relatively low in height ive never heard of their working abilities.why not consider putting it to a good well balanced keen purebred coursing hard grit whippet and then in the near future consider putting your Italian x whippet across a purebred greyhound of for instance 27inches to the withers plan things first even if initially done by means of pen and paper good luck
  16. Admittedly today there are some beautiful brilliant running dogs in the UK with a substantial amount of various breeding ingredients bred into them i never ever criticise those who choose to breed and subsequently produce a running dog of various bloodlines used to make up their pedigree and hit the bulls eye bang on.credit where credit is due for it very often requires knowledge in so far as wanting to be able to breed a and subsequently be in absolute good position to actually confirm and confess mostly to himself that a massive amount of achievement has been made in so far as producing a
  17. I have seen these type before I do think they are certainly fantastic running dogs bruv
  18. Lol I train twice a week i sparr and have bout of boxing regular im in shape.....I don't write replies to bewtis such as yourself got better things to do bye bye you bewti xx
  19. All the silly graffiti certain particular people write about me and my chosen strain of long dogs are honesty taken on the chin regardless as to whether they are your best head shots or is it possible that you cannot produce a good enough shot to be in a position to but me on the canvas so to speak because the criticism throughout the time I've been on such fantastic forums I've.........absolutely nothing to disclose as to whether I got hit and subsequently hurt because they were sissy punches thrown by very poor quality weak individuals that were not coached or trained in a professional m
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