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  1. Got a bitch pup doing the exact same thing at the moment want her to be abit harder mouthed than she is now
  2. The other day she was limping when she did it for about 20 mins but sounded like something cracked then day later just very lame but seems to be OK ish now but hear that it can right dogs off after the hurt it your dog reyt now?
  3. Yeah she seems to be and when I let her out of kennel shes tries bouncing everywhere she's just a little lame sometimes
  4. Took her to see Rob meeks yesterday he said she's a sprained hock so walk her on a lead for 2 months but just wondering if there's olt I can do in the process
  5. Anyone ever had a dog we a sprained hock?
  6. He's on Facebook if you've not been sorted yet mate
  7. Anyone on here ever had a dog we a sprained hock?
  8. Yeah most probs haha he told me my dog Sacroiliac joint was out a mile after messing we it it was back in but each to there own
  9. He charges 20 for an hour I took my bitch there yesterday knows his shit to be fair
  10. I saw Paul in Leyland today he seems decent enough told me my dog Sacroiliac joint was a mile out so after messing about we her for a good couple of minutes soon was back in place goes thru your dog propper we out missing anything told me to rest her with strict lead walks she be reyt in 6/8 week
  11. What does he charge for seing dog cheers I've messaged but no reply
  12. Anyone a bone man in Lancashire other than Ken Woodacre
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