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  1. in my opinion the strongest jagd today are based in the balkan area , mostly serbia and croatia . they haven't stupid anti-laws or some rspca over there........
  2. Hi lads i've heard really great things about this great warrior . If you have pics or hunting stories it would be greatly appreciated. regards max
  3. ....may be Colin D. ????.......
  4. the very best wishes Dave. i look forward for the next issue........
  5. Why chocolate ??? as long as he does the job i don't care about the colour .......I would rather look for good working stock from devoted digging fellas .......... JMHO MAX
  6. yeeeeeeesssssss...........for sure......................
  7. show ==> business ===> money ===> fame that's a load of bullshit .....forget about !!
  8. .........italian , size 8 , brunette .......give me her number , i'm from Italy ..........
  9. JP, DH ,Steve J , I was so lucky to meet them and had some digs together......Their dogs looks to me as good as any.
  10. ...like those black terriers so much ......what's the breeding behind them ??
  11. :whistle: wait for itttttttttttttttttttttttt
  12. A good friend of mine here in Italy had an excellent dog mostly gould :welcomeani: with some nuttall blood . He worked at a very high level for four seasons with foxes , badgers and porcupine . he got punished very hard a few times and needed a rest due to injury eating only fluid for several weeks and so on . The porcupine prickers can make serious damage when pierce through eyes, stomach ,etc and need weeks to heal up .....Don't need to explain brock's damage.......... but the dog always had restarted working as welll as before. well this dog seemed to be the best hunting terrier imported in Italy and many people would have paid lots of money to get him..... Suddenly one day the dog stopped and the owner gave him another chance .But he stopped again . The owner is a very honest and genuine terriermen he should have made lots of money selling him but he didn't. The choice was difficult but he choose to put him to sleep . I wouldn't mention their names to repect their privacy but i assure you this is true . regards Max
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