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  1. Thanks Meece, I had the barrel floated and the action Devcon bedded, she now shoots on average 22mm at 50 and 28mm at 75 I'm happy with that as these older guns and the caliber were never a good mix for accuracy. According to the gunsmith the barrel was touching mostly half way down the forend and the way she locks into the stock was questionable, but happy now she shoots fine with Hornady V max or CCI Maximags .
  2. Thanks all, so just to clarify here are the things that are not a problem: the scope is good and has been for years that is why I put it on just in case the Bushnell was not, I do not use random ammo I trialed every brand that was available, best group was 25mm worst was 34mm , the mounts are a Leupold Premier and the rings are lapped and they are toqued to the correct recommended settings. The trigger is as crisp and good as can be, the action screws are all torqued to 3 newton metres and I have tried less and various torque settings, did not seem to make much of a difference. The stock / action is not cracked or damaged but she is NOT a Floated, however I could not see any wear marks on the barrel to suggest a high point or otherwise. I have taken it to a gunsmith who specializes in bedding hard to bed rifles, he did check the rifling with a bore scope and said it was excellent. The rifle will be finished by Friday this week and will be bedded and floated, so I will attempt another grouping session and report back,,, Meece your right I could be a crap shot but than my crappiness would extend across all of my rifles rather than just this one.
  3. SD, thanks for the reply, my only problem is that I cannot get her to shoot much better than say 30mm at 50 and I tried every combo on earth as far as ammo goes, It has a great Zeiss scope on it so that is not the issue. The trigger has been worked on by the gunsmith and is excellent. Most of my other WMR half this group, so was thinking and looking at the way the action and stock mate and it is very weird I am convinced that that may be the source of the inaccuracy.
  4. OK, guess nobody has done this or its not an interesting topic.
  5. Has anybody had experience with bedding a Krico .22 Mag model 302, as those that have one will know that the way the action is captured to the stock makes bedding a real challenge, from what I can tell the only part that actually draws the stock to the action is the first screw the mid and rear tang screw only serve to capture the trigger guard and pull it to the action, they do not support the bedding at all, Would love to hear from anybody that has worked on these rifles and may have bedded one.
  6. I had a Laurona Eibar 12g that I shot in the field for many years, I found it really reliable and didn't have any issues, Laurona as you know is a Spanish made gun and is well respected by many, they are not a very expensive unit but I'm lead to beleive they do actually make some nice top line side plates, but I have yet to see one.
  7. Just wondering if anybody has put the CZ 457 WMR through it's paces, wanting to secure one but all the reviews are US based, keen to know about the Accuracy, Trigger adjustment and overall satisfaction or not, they are still hard to come by down here and I cant even look at one, most shops are taking orders but I really would like to know a bit more before ordering one. Thanks in advance
  8. SD, happened to me on a long planned Pig Hunt, wanted to make sure all was perfect and got a bit over excited, could not figure what was causing the occasional hang fire on my plinking rifle (also happened to be a CZ, not the one I used for Pokers) I found over the years that best is a good clean but no residue left to gather powder or dust.
  9. Can anybody please elaborate on the benefits of a Huma regulator apart from the ease of adjustment, do they provide any other tangible benefits, I am thinking of fitting one to my Royale 500 .25, but read mixed reviews about the adjustability and having much of an effect over the standard with the exception of easier adjustment. I run mine on full power so I'm always looking at shot count and accuracy enhancement options.
  10. Guys they group around the 1" mark at 50 that is plenty good enough for a decent sized game like a Roo, they are mostly shot around 50, not talking about head shooting bunnies at 100, I was more interested in why you don't like them, I'm guessing that you hunt mainly small stuff that requires precision accuracy if that's the case I would not use them either
  11. So have you guys actually used them on any Feral or Game, curious why you are both so anti Grizzly, not that I still use them, but I chose not to based and accuracy and cost not despatch or humane reasons, would like to know what you shot and why it did not perform well.
  12. Sorry to hear that Phil, maybe depends on the quarry being sought, Roo's are fairly muscly and reasonably built, so the slug opened up OK and did a lot of damage, the wound channel was quite good and they were despatched very humanly and quickly, but that's my experience only maybe on lighter game or heavier game they might not be that good, I don't use them anymore as the price is crazy on them and accuracy is on average 25mm at 50.
  13. I for one are hanging out big time for HN Slugs to be available in Aussie, I can only get the closest thing to them the Grizzly, and they are great but not so hot on accuracy, gret for hunting, I have taken quite a few Roo's with them on culling permits. Bring on the Slugs.
  14. Yes I think you are correct si brown, I don't get these groups every day either, it was just one of those mornings where the stars and the moon aligned, that's what cracked me up when my better half equalled it and than asked if that's the best I can do or was I having an off day
  15. Average 885 fps with the 33.95 Jumbo Heavies, 920 with the lighter 25.4 both are JSB's, very happy with the results, I tried higher regulator pressures and took it to 960 fps but results were not so good, it seems happy around 890-920. Funny thing, went camping with my wife over the weekend and she has not shot for nearly 20 years, her first group was almost better than mine, new rule! no more shooting with the wife, she casually asked if I normally would shoot better than that and if I was having an off day
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