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  1. I got a patt keen little bushing dog most I've seen are but don't forget they like holes So keep ya eye on em
  2. Hello mate, thanks for your time. Misalignment That's unforgiving, is that from new ? I did some research and found the latest gen in 6.5 creedmore was as I read it was ruger precision enhanced they claimed to have cleaned up most issues found in the earlier rifles in 6.5. But I'm unsure. If you do venture out for some foxing I'd be happy for any feed back
  3. Viking6.5


    Thank you for time mate. I do hear that a lot about them all feeding from the same bowl I guess it makes sense with time and practice. Nice one
  4. Hi all. Anybody use this rifle ? Any tip/advice before a trip to the shop much appreciated.
  5. Viking6.5


    HI all. How do you gents if any find plumbers ferreting ? They easy to introduce to ferrets. Thanks
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