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  1. Not the same bird mate sisters I did own the other bird on youtube for abit but my mate prized her off me
  2. Few pics of my female ferrutail
  3. As moorman said although [BANNED TEXT] it comes to free lofting the bird for molt I would change the mesh to vertical bars bird will hang of mesh and shred its tail
  4. Well done mate shes doing well
  5. What is biggest male harris hawk anyone has flown hunted with the reason I ask I have a male there killing rabbits at 1lb 12 he will fly at 1lb 14 he is my work bird for gull dispersal and pigeons here is a couple pictures send in you're pictures and stories lads of this very versatile bird
  6. Thanks mate shes a good bird I flew her sister around 6 years ago same parents she was huge took rabbits up to 3lb 9
  7. She goes around the 2lb 10 mark mate
  8. The top bird with the hare is a female red the other 1 is a ferrutail 3/4 red 1/4 ferriginous
  9. Depends on fitness of bird mate and obviously quarry if I go for hares 1 kill is more than enough if its rabbits 3 or 4 if pigeons then alot more until they are pissed off
  10. Yes mate I use my harries on lamp and redtail good fun
  11. Big girl on her 4th crow tonight out the hood
  12. Just make sure hes fully molted mate before u drop his weight get him hitting the lure or the fist depending on how u fly him fitness then hunting keep us posted on him
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