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  1. Thanks both for your replies, the more help / advice I can get the better as far as I’m concerned . I don’t won’t to rush into things want to get it right for the welfare of the bird
  2. Also many people start of falconry with a Harris but I’ve read the red tail is also a decent hawk to start with ? Would this be advised?
  3. Hi all just looking for some advice on Avairy / Mews I’m looking at getting myself a Harris Hawk ( I do shoot and have access to a fair few acres of land ) ive read a few books and watched lots of useful stuff on YouTube to to prepare for the the arrival of my bird but there are many different opinions on housing the hawk ! the one I have is a 14 foot long x 6 foot high x 5 foot deep kennel ( used for the spaniel) which I’m thinking of using with a few mods , I’ve also got the option to ad around another 4 foot to one and leave open to the elements ( the roof at the moment is fully acro
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